A Dollar A Day; A Modest Goal For Blurt

in #alive2 months ago

For myself, I've been trying to hit a general goal of reaching around 1$ a day on Blurt earnings from my posts only. With one dollar per day, I can get to roughly $30 a month.

As you have seen, I have been posting more often because I've got a little extra time. Before, I would post once a day. Now, I've been consistently posting around 2-3 posts a day. Maybe once or twice a week, I will post once a day, depending on my energy. Generally, if I am busy, then I'll feel less enthusiastic about posting. I've found as I'm able to be more consistent, then I'll be able to get more followers or readers engaging in my content, which is always nice.

The financial goal for me will mostly all go to savings since I don't plan on selling any coins this February coming up. I have been very focused on building up some savings and earning from compounding interest. By posting more content daily, I'll be able to reach many of my financial goals, even outside of the Blurt blockchain such as Hive, Steem, and others. A dollar a day seems like a fair goal to achieve, wouldn't you agree?