A Fresh Start, We've Got To Survive! #3 | Raft

in #alive2 months ago

This is part three of our attempt to survive alone on this raft. We were barely able to get some things done this time around, but we are slowly learning more about surviving. The only thing missing is some zombie action, lol. I'm still playing without any mods, and I don't think I will play with any in the future, but if there is a mod that could be quite useful for us then I might consider it. Normally, I don't play with mods unless it's a quality-of-life addition, or it adds more useful items and resources. We shall see!

Also, to make the series more concise, I've decided to change the naming format of my videos. The title will start with the name of the series, the video number, and then the game title. The change was to make sure people could watch the games in consecutive order, in case anybody would want to spend that much time watching.