A North American Union Is A Great Idea

in #alive2 months ago

This may be an optimistic view of the future of North America, but I feel strongly that there should be a confederate union between Canada, the United States, and Mexico in which each country agrees to a similar immigration policy to make it easier for people in the union to travel between these countries.

I've been more focused on Latino Nationalism, Latino issues, and the concepts of federations and confederations. Not only that, but I have also been learning more about macroeconomics, and how certain scarce resources can be very valuable for some countries in the world. People have been talking about some kind of union for North America that would resemble a European Union form of governance with less central power. The idea stems from NAFTA and its successor which is known as USMCA, which is a trade agreement between these countries. If we formed another union or treaty that focused on Economics, Military, and Immigration then that would strongly empower the North American region.

Mexican is rising as a manufacturing power, Canada has some valuable natural resources that all countries can benefit from and the United States is an economic powerhouse. This union, or treaty, could be a MASSIVELY lucrative decision for all of the countries involved. This could help decrease US and Canadian dependence on Chinese products, Mexico can benefit from more assistance against the Cartels while building up its manufacturing sector, and US corporations can have even more access to valuable resources without being economically or restricted nationally. What do you guys think?


I'd rather see less centralization and less regulation, not a new layer of bureaucracy. But yes, we need to stop pretending these government boundaries are really protecting anyone. Why do I need magic government papers to drive 100 miles north any more than I need them to drive 2000 miles east?