Changing My Habits Has Helped Me Feel Much Better

in #alive2 months ago

For the past few weeks, I've been cooking at home a lot more and I've been feeling pretty good. Most of the food I make is made fresh (some of the meat is frozen first after grocery shopping), and we have been ordering take-out less often now.

My mood, in general, has been improving, and my energy is definitely coming back to me. I feel like I'm actually getting more of a balanced meal now than when I was consuming a lot of soda and fast food. To be fair, I also have been taking some time to work out, and I walk to go pick up my niece, so that could have a compounding effect on why I feel so positive. Things are really looking up for me, health-wise. The newfound energy has given me that extra enthusiasm to learn new things, appreciate the small stuff, and get more things done in the house.

Each day that passes, I feel like I can do more things and that's a great feeling. I'm not always an optimist, I prefer to live in reality, but I'm feeling very good.