In 2023, You Cannot Rely On The USD

in #alive2 months ago

When you look at US monetary policy, people really should be concerned. The United States dollar, especially as paper fiat, is not valuable. With the power of the Federal Reserve, it seems our entire federal system wants to destroy the value of our currency.

The United States dollar is the world's reserve that benefits Americans, but foreign countries want to shift away from the dollar. The overexpansion of our money supply is accelerating many issues here at home. If nations decided to stop using the dollar, we would be fucked.

Cryptocurrency, although risky, looks like a far better investment. It is interesting how cryptocurrency, in some respects, is more stable than fiat currency. Cryptocurrency's money supply is predictable and, in many cases, depending on the cryptocurrency, finite.

As an alternative to cryptocurrency, we also have the accumulation of precious metals, although not as predictably finite. Metals have stood the test of time as a source of value for many generations in thousands of nations throughout history.

So when you're investing, perhaps relying solely on accumulating USD with labor isn't the best option considering the rise in volatility. I feel that the United States has a parasite (the Federal Reserve) that is purposely destroying people's retirement and the value of our currency. They don't care about the American people and are just another corrupt cartel within the finance industry. Do NOT rely on USD in 2023.


Yeah crypto seems to have more substance. Purchase power of the dollar is really showing its ankles.

Like air, the USD supply seems to fill the gap when greed swells. When will the default come? Based on the calculations of the pony show Treasury Report, never and also never.