People Still Fleeing Low-Freedom States Like New Jersey and New York

in #alive2 months ago

People are still fleeing high-taxed states and moving to states like Florida and Texas. Many of these people are tired of horrible Democrat policies and want a change in life, but hopefully, they don't bring their voting habits to Florida too.

Since the China Virus pandemic, aka the Covid-19 pandemic, I've seen an influx of people moving to the State of Florida. Many are from New York and New Jersey, and some have come from California. Most of the people I asked from those states said they moved here within the last three years. Some new residents mentioned the lower taxes, and others said the regulations up north led them to make the decision. Yet, they all agree in Florida, there is more freedom, and the weather helps make the decision easier.

In Florida, we had a lockdown for a short time before our Governor, Ron DeSantis, realized that limiting our state to such a degree was utterly pointless. With him keeping the state mostly open, and with Democrat's failed attempts to keep their draconian lockdowns in place, the state was able to rebound economically and led the country with freedom. People around the country saw the opportunities that Florida had for them, so many took the plunge and moved to Florida.

I'm very proud of my state and my governor for doing the right thing, but it is sad to see successful people leaving states up North. These people spent their lives and their taxes in garbage states just for them to move and receive nothing in return. These high-taxed and low-freedom states need to get their act together because their horrible policies are bringing down the entire country.