Racism Doesn't Mean Anything In 2023

in #alive2 months ago

The democrats and progressives keep crying racism at every little thing. If a group of black officers kills a black man, that's white supremacy, and, therefore, it is racist. If Republicans decide to remove a corrupt politician from the Foreign Affairs Committee, and that person happens to be a Muslim minority, that is racism.

Democrats are crying about racism for anything. The word racism in the year 2023 means absolutely nothing. It is like the kid who cried wolf. When there are acts of racism, like when a black man attacks an Asian minority simply because they fear the "china virus," Democrats ignore it. When "Stop Asian Hate" was a big issue in the USA, progressives only focused on white-on-Asian violence while not highlighting the disproportionately larger community that primarily targets Asians. Racism, to them, means racism with the use of "systemic power," which isn't the actual definition of what racism is.

Racism is the idea that one believes that their race is superior to others and that there are inherent differences between races that make them better, such as intellect, strength, etc. That is the definition of racism, but according to progressives, white people can never suffer from racism, and white people, historically, are always racist. When using that logic, they are blatantly prejudiced against people who are "white." Democrats are disgusting for not only believing this nonsense; but also for trying to indoctrinate our children into those ideals.