Holding are increasing and my @threecoins account is starting up!

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^^ That image is what I feel like sometimes. 😀 I've recently begun tracking my coins again, thanks to me wanting to revive my # myhivegoals posts. It's been a great week, and these are the results I am reporting today, Oct 12.

My tokens I give a crap about and stake:

DECNot recorded16,472.664
#ONEUPNot recorded45.29
HIVE POWER (HP)431.25545.70+114.45

I added DEC and HIVE to #myHiveGoals

I put value in holding both DEC and Hive, and feel good about my holdings so far. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. :)

Also that #ctp increase is nice as well. Here's the latest HP graph in peakd:

2021-10-12 20_27_27-PeakD - Brave.png

What's in Your Wallet?

Wow. That sounds like a Samuel L. Jackson quote, but really, leave a comment about what shiny objects you like to accumulate.

Peace and Love,


threeSteps - Hive Curation3.png

P.S. Don't consider my posts financial advice. Do your own research. I write for entertainment.


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Nice progress there Rob, and a big jump in HP, keep on building and stay !ALIVE

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hello dear friend @threesteps good afternoon
You are doing a great job with your investment, congratulations
I appreciate that you let us know this information
I wish you a beautiful afternoon

Good update. You're making me think more seriously about tracking my holdings. Right now I hold all and stake what I can of the reward tokens that wind up in my Hive-Engine Wallet. At this time I don't know enough about any of them to make decisions to sell vs. hold. So, I hold and stake. I appreciate your transparency with your short and long term strategies. Cheers!

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