Who is in Charge of Your Money?

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When you live in California and have four children, $500+ Dental bills are "normal."

Of of these was coming up for me, and since I recently pledged to add $75 HBD (cheering the 1USD Peg on) per month to my HBD Savings, I decided I was going to purchase $500 HBD.

Instead of handing $500 USD to the Dentist, I would take them up on their 0% interest plan, and pay them monthly.

Instead of purchasing 75HBD per month, I would pay the dentist $75USD per month.

Save money on fees of purchasing crypto, and add some padding to my little book nest.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 6.21.54 PM.png

According to my math, having the HBD in the Savings Account would net me an extra 25.53 HBD.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 9.21.03 PM.png

If I take the math a step further the 25.53 sitting in the account for 4 years netting 10% interest, and I would have another 12.49

These numbers are not exact, as this math assumes that I would put in the $500 in one swoop every six months - instead of the monthly increase I agreed with myself to deposit. But we get a small picture here. Of how time works on growth of money.

It is like the idea Ramit Sethi explains in his book: I Will Teach You to be Rich, you can tell yourself that you are never going to buy yourself a Cappuccino, or, you can re-arrange the money for the long term and let yourself indulge on what you love.

This Master Plan didn't work, for more than one reason

Reason One

The HBD is not pegged. Today I would have to spend $600 USD to buy 500 HBD. Buying HBD with Fiat is just not a good move at the moment.

I still could have though, saved the money in my savings, earning pennies, and convincing my bank to offer me more credit cards, and then bought when the peg got stronger...

Which leads me to:

Reason Two

The Dentist doesn't really want to finance these procedures. If I was paying in full, I could have paid before the procedure. Since I was getting a payment plan, I had to wait until after.

Queue me leaving the dentist with 2 kids who just got some dental work done (and haven't ate all day because they weren't supposed to eat before the procudure), a baby who has been sitting at the dentist for hours, a line for "payments" a lobby full of kids and moms in similar situations...

I handed that debit card over, bought a few electric toothbrushes and rushed myself right out of there.

In this instance, the Receptionist was in charge of my money, or the dentist, or the set-up, and one could even argue that they were actually just taking care of their money.


Do you re-arrange money in order to build long term wealth? I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

this is part of the ctpcontent challenge thank you for reading


You did the best thing,it's good S you use your head; since the monthly payment didn't have extra charge, then let the HBD fetch you more HBD. Well done my friend

It is good you are looking at things like this.

Another barrier I would think is converting the HBD to USD. I dont know what type of fees involved in it would come into play.

That said, I take half my rewards in HBD now and put them into savings. A nice little nest egg building a 10% payout with rather low risk in my view.

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I'm saving to pay for college books:


In four years, I'm looking to have enough to withdraw $600 per semester.

I check hbd almost everyday to see if it could be bought at sub 1$ levels but it’s a pipe dream these days, I miss 1$ hbd.

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It will go back. Just look at this opportunity to arbitrage .


If enough people start to do this and look at making a few percent in 3.5 days, it will push the price back down.

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Thanks for the link.

I converted the new splinter lands reward to HIVE to HBD and bought my $75 HBD that way.

I feel like I "lost" by buying HBD over the dollar, but HIVE:HBD ratio wise, it made sense.

I'll follow this link and if it's easy enough I'll "win" some extra HBD that way.

I'm banking that long term the HBD PEG will be strong (or higher than the dollar).

I just did and it earned me some extra hives. Sweet!

Hive dental. I posted my xrays on hive got almost a dollar. Think about it

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Hive Dental Cryptomamas version:

This is how I keep my kids calm during dental work.

Enamel coating, necessary or consumerism?

How to brush a toddlers teeth.

Preparing for a dental visit.

Do’s and donts for getting children to floss.

Dental Care: Leading by Example

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Dang, I think I have enough content for an E-Book,now I just have to find an affilliate marketing product to sell to my readers.

It’s funny cause it’s true like literally 😆😆

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