Wilde Sunglasses Arrives At HIVE ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Wilde Sunglasses


Since 2008, a lifetime passion for discovering and collecting Vintage finds it's stage in two stores located in the center of Barcelona, where open to the public and affordable you'll find Wilde's sunglasses, eyewear, and vintage Collection. The project of the Wilde stores is an exciting part of our work; furniture, art, and objects came from many places to make a unique space, the stores.

With its beginnings in Barcelona, Wilde has now become an important reference in European fashion.

The Vintage collection is a result of 20 years of creating unique pieces, each selected for their aesthetic value, delivering the best in quality. This results in eyewear that makes a statement on its own. The collection was developed through study and investigation, referencing old Japanese designs. This has motivated us to produce our pieces in Barcelona with top-quality raw materials, combined with handmade techniques.

In May 2008, as a result of many years of research, the deliberate selection, and strong personal contact with people who love wearing, collecting, or establishing themselves in Eyewear, Wilde Sunglasses launches its first self-design and handcrafted collection.

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Hey this is liuke from @hashkings, is a big pleasure to introduce this cult brand of handcrafted sunglasses with an incredible community and presence in different strategic places over all the world.

Hey this Cao,

Im the creative director of Wilde sunglasses, and a lover of technology and digital businesses. I'm here in HIVE to empower the brand behind Wilde Sunglasses to connect with the HIVE web3 community, and bring new ambassadors who will help us in the path of what's building this cult brand.

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I was talking with the liuke and Wilde Sunglasses is ready to connect with the HIVE community and to start this partnership we have thought in the following ways of potential synergies:

  • Integrate HIVE/HBD as a payment method in our stores, starting with our flag store in MADRID. Calle leรณn N30, Barrio las letras 28014
  • Integrate HIVE/HBD as a payment method In our online store with worldwide shipping
  • Offering a completely new experience for the HIVE community and the new ambassador tokenizing our brand with the help of @hashkings and offering exclusive collections.
  • The sky is the limit, this is only the beginning.

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See you around HIVE.

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@hivepay-io is a great tool for accepting Hive payments on your site. Depending on how you are building your shop.

If you need a retail home here on hive you can check out the Hivelist Store.


Ditto on the dudes link for ease of implementation to your product.

We already have great projects built around HIVE. There is going to e some exponential growth coming out of the network effect of more projects getting onboarded and working together.

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Am I missing a link to your website? I want to see the sunglasses!

Don't miss the chance to follow them on instagram, the brand is savage!

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Welcome to Hive, friends. Great to have you here and great to see the integrations. All the best.

@tipu curate

Welcome on board, I foresee you impacting the platform positively just like it would impact you as well.

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Que bien! muchas felicidades, รจxitos y las mejores de las suertes!
que tal un occulus con diseรฑo vintage? jajaja solo se me ocurrio cuando lei el articulo.
Saludos desde venezuela.

@cibersk8 Gracias por el mensaje, te cuento que toda la colecciรณn esta inspirada en esa epoca entre los aรฑos 50ยดa 60ยดen pleno movimiento del art deco, por ello todos los diseรฑos son completamente atemporales. Te enviamos un saludo desde Madrid.

Is an honor to work with you guys! <3

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Right on! Welcome

Great ๐Ÿ•ถ๏ธ๐Ÿ•ถ๏ธ๐Ÿ•ถ๏ธ๐Ÿ•ถ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘“๐Ÿ‘“

Always love seeing new hustles show up on Hive!

Thanks .

Glad you are onboard.
Can't wait to see more offering for Hive and Leofinance community.

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This is awesome! Welcome to the fam!

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Wow, this is just awesome and hopefully the beginning! Welcome:)

@tipu curate

This looks class.

Great to see Hive integration with your business.

I'll definitely have to check the shop next time we go to Barcelona.

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Please or Madrid, could be great to receive your visit.

Hello @wildesunglasses I'm glad You're working to integrate HIVE into your business. I am the same process at www.nextiamap.com. I hope soon to be giving the news in this community.

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Welcome to HIVE! There are many things to explore with different communities and DAPPs. You should have a great user experience with a lack of fees and an engaging community. The best part will most likely be the amount of knowledge that is shared around the platform. What you can learn on HIVE is on par with a high end paid newsletter.

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Thank you all for the welcome.
We came to provide valuable content and support and learn about the community.

Best regards from Madrid.

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