Health Is Everything - If You Aren't Healthy, You Will Not Be Wealthy

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You've probably heard the old saying, 'health is wealth'. Well, now that I am 40, and not only feeling my own health downfalls, but dealing with some family stuff as well that I have not been vocal about, my attention has been drawn to getting as healthy as possible, as quickly as possible!

Sitting in front of the computer all day is not a healthy lifestyle. Human beings were not meant to sit in a chair for hours on end. We were meant to move and be physical. Now, I understand that some people physically can't move for one reason or the other, but for those that can, get off your lazy ass and go do something instead of trolling on the internet! Yes, I am yelling at myself too! Your crypto stacks aren't going to amount to a hill of beans if you are dead... Just facing facts...

Health BEFORE Wealth

In our society, especially in America, we are engineered to thing about our income before we think about anything else. Hell, we are brainwashed to think about our money and finances BEFORE we think about our health. I have fallen down this trap for too long myself and after a couple of health scares, as well as dealing with some deep depression, I am quickly finding out that nothing you do monetarily matters at all if you do not have your health.

If you aren't healthy, it makes it hard to do anything in life. You are depressed, anxious, and just overall tired all the time. That's no way to live. But, only you can figure that our for yourself!

What Do You Really Need Money For Anyway?

If you think about it, what do you really need money for anyway? Pretty much all you really need is the basics of life, anything else is just material extras. What do you buy with your money, one a regular basis? Mainly housing and energy... Energy comes in the form of not only your electric bill, gas bill, etc, but you also have to think about food.

Food Is Everything

Food is energy, it's also medicine. If you are consuming good, whole foods, and not a bunch of processed garbage, then you will be in much better shape than someone who sits around and eats fast food all day.

If humans would go back to a solid, healthy diet, without all the preservatives, seed oils, etc, then we wouldn't have the need for the majority of the health care system. Great food along with good sanitation practices can go a long way to keeping you out of a doctor's office.

If you can't read the ingredients, you probably shouldn't eat it... It's a pretty simple idea, but for many, especially brainwashed fat boys like me, it's extremely hard to practice.

People claim that healthy food is more expensive, which is complete bullshit. Just gonna throw that out there. It's all in your mindset. I can get full on some raw veggies and a couple of boiled eggs for less than the cost of some pre-packaged poison.

It's actually much easier to grow a lot of your own veggies and such at home than you think. Most people are just too lazy to try. This is going to be something I focus on in the future as I get to my farm next year. Food growing education at home!

Let's Get Physical, Physical...

I wanna get physical! LOL. Okay I will leave the 80's aerobics music aside, lol. But you get the point. You have to get out and exercise to stay healthy. It doesn't matter how healthy you eat, if you are not working out your body, you aren't doing anything. The elites want us to be weak and pathetic so that we are more docile and controllable. Well, I say fuck that!

I am a man, that means that I am supposed to be strong. Not only strong willed, but physically strong. I have spent too many years not paying attention to myself and my health and it has started to play a toll. But I am still young enough that I can reverse it! It just takes work and smart, healthy eating!

My workouts consist of 3 days in the gym on an exercise bike, then for the lighter weight, higher rep strength training, then more bike to close it out! I have been working on building myself up so that I am strong enough to take on anything that comes my way! That includes government agents! Fuck those guys too!

Health Is The Only Way To Buy More Time

Being in good health is the only way that you are going to buy more time on this Earth. No amount of money is going to do it for you if you are not focusing on what is truly important. I mean look at these financial elites like that fat toad that is the head of the Bank of International Settlements... I mean I am just wanting on him to have a heart attack while lying to the world on TV, lol. Not to mention Bill Gates, have you seen his man-titties lately? LOL.

So sitting around, making money online, gaming, and trolling the internet is not a healthy way to live. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you are weak and in poor health.

Focused on Health More Than Ever

I for one am looking forward to more physical work when I get to the farm and less time spent online. Not to mention that I have been away from my hometown for about 12 years now and when I move back, I want to be healthier than I have ever been and be that older guy that people admire for still being a bad ass! Plus the ladies like those older men that are in shape, lol.

I am also a dad, and I want to set a good example for my young adult kids. Which they are making their own changes as well for the better! With some recent issues like my dad being diagnosed with Parkinson's, and my ex looking at some serious issues herself, health has been a huge point of thought for me lately.

What is all your money worth when you are having to spend it all on doctors and pharmaceuticals? It's not worth much to you at all, but certainly helping out the doctors and the rest of the medical industrial complex, which is probably just as bad as the military industrial complex.

Anyway, that's my rant for today. Get healthy you guys, and get ready for more of these kind of post from me as I work on the my journey to a better dude! I would rather be poor and healthy than rich, fat, and sick! Just something to think about! Spend more time working on yourself than working for someone else!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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