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For those that don't know cryptids are basically animals that exist only in the imagination of drunk rednecks and people who still have imaginary friends well into their adult life. I know there are people who spend their lives looking for these creatures and actually believe in their existence, just like some plebs ( myself included ) spend their existence chasing the mythical financial independence dream. But unlike my monster loving counterparts I do have a heavy dose of skepticism no matter how much I enjoy a good camp fire story.

Since crypto has become such a drag to follow these past few days and weeks I prefer to search for alternative sources of entertainment like these monster coins. You can find them on ebay for around 40 bucks or so, and while I do find them pretty cool, that's a little steep for me when it comes to spending money on stuff just for the shits and giggles. Sure, they don't have any historical value but they illustrate modern folklore in neat way I guess.

Physical coins will always have a certain appeal to them even if their value doesn't jump up to the moon in the bull market and you won't get rich by hodling them.


I would rather have silver coins any time.

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if only you could set silver coins as rewards :)))

Hmm, silver coin token on hive engine!

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good luck selling HE tokens when there's no liquidity :P

We could just do Swap.Silver and every Token needs to be backed by a coin. The fee to swap them into actual physical silver should be the shipping cost.


I think those are called rounds since they have no denomination. I prefer the actual historic coins, but I would buy a pretty round. Cryptids are not my cup of tea though.

I was too lazy to look up their terminology in English, much profesional very wow :P

If I had to say, I would have to say bigfoot. I think $40 is a bit too expensive for me as well. However I have found that physical coins don't appeal to me as much as I thought it would.

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I always loved physical coins, since I was a child. But I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on them


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Not in your hand not yours to spend...physical is by most measures, the way to go.
I am heading to go get my coins in a few weeks; I hope to share them in a post or two.
I like the Mothman one. Do you collet those in travel or all online orders?

I have an old collection of coins and most of them I bought from antique shops or were given to me

Do you collect silverware as well?

nope just coins


I got some coins ill post a picture of soon enough.