The darkness is getting Bright

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Call me crazy but often they spray the sky and the next day the clouds are present. They say there is no correlation...I have been watching the skies for years and can tell you there is a correlation to when they spray and how the sky gets that grey haze of weird clouds.
Population control would be easy if they cannot grow crops....

Here is a meme that i came across within the last two years that should be shared. Not my image i am just passing it along to help build the community and have a laugh and a though to which the meme points to.
Actual words out of that puppets mouth.
But dont worry he cares for you and wants you to be healthy wealth and wise, but dead so he can have all your possessions and your body to fertilize his land.

Oh but wait there is more....There is a huge growing gorilla militia military army mercenary grandma sick and tired of these shit talking people whose cash means nothing to those that are fighting in the dark....Parallel systems are being developed the gallows are being built.
Yes there will be a fight in the dark....we cut our way out and through to the light.

Again, not my picture and the source is long gone. If it is your work please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due....
What are your thoughts on this meme?


Yay! 🤗
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