MEME Token Has Launched (Got MEME?)

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It's finally happening - MEME token is now active. If you have a post that contains a meme you can now get a MEME token reward.

These are the enabled tags for posts to receive MEME: #meme, #memes, #memehive, #hive-104024. Any one of those tags should work.

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A formal whitepaper will be posted when the tribe's official website is up.

For now here are some basic details:

The maximum supply of MEME tokens is 250 million. 25 million already exist at the launch of MEME token.

  • 10 million MEME staked for voting (5 million to @memehive and 5 million MEME delegated to @nomeme4u)
  • 5 million MEME to sell on the market (issued to @memehive)
  • 5 million MEME as a one time payment to founder (@holovision)
  • 4544674.817 MEME for promotion, contests, ect. (issued to nomeme4u)
  • 455325.183 MEME - Legacy hodlers who traded their Steem MEME for Hive MEME during trade-in program.

Some of the ScotBot settings:

A new MEME token is generated for the reward pool roughly once every three seconds.

50/50 split for curators and authors with 10% staked reward.

Don't worry. I didn't set it to 365 day unstaking like I did on "the other blockchain". It's 28 days with four transactions. 7 day undelegation window for MEME.

Questions? Comments? Please reply below. Thanks

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@lols, did you see this?

@antisocialist I just saw the 10 HBD you sent to my @holovision wallet with the memo "For the meme token". Are you trying to buy MEME token? If so I'll send the 10 HBD back to you. I'd be more comfortable if you bought the token yourself through or

If you meant the 10 HBD to be for a donation to the @memehive tribe I'll gladly accept it and put it all toward getting OUTPOST for @memehive.

Yes, for the outpost.

I wanted to thank you again for that donation. I have finally achieved one of my main goals for 2021 and your contribution helped. To show my appreciation I sent you a gift.

Other than me you are the first one to get one of the first one hundred limited editions of that meme NFT. I reserved the #1 edition for myself and you got #2.

Thank you again.

Wonderful, thank you.
I'm just glad that you were willing to take on this effort.

Wow this is a brilliant idea. I will be looking forward to see more of this

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