Are You Getting MEME Tokens?

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A week ago @memehive officially launched the MEME token on the Hive blockchain. The cashout window for MEME token is set for seven days so if you've used any of the four tags #meme, #memes, #memehive or #hive-104024 during the last week you'll probably start seeing MEME being added to you hive-engine token wallet during the next week.

If you weren't making posts containing at least one meme and using any of the above mentioned tags last week then maybe it's time for you to start using memes on the Hive platform. You might also consider buying MEME tokens through or and staking them. With staked MEME you can upvote tagged posts with memes for curation rewards or delegate MEME to another user.

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And so it begins,...the first counterculture is forming.

Ridicule for all latte art and food posts!untitled.gif

thanks for sharing sir

wow, this is really great news


!giphy wow

is there any curation initiative for the memes posted in his memetastic community ? :P

None that I have been told about but I am usually the last to know most things.😁

I thought you were in charge :)

What is the front end?

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The official domain will be Site isn't up yet. Details will be in another post soon. Thanks for asking.👍

This is so cool! I love memes.

Let's #meme

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Welcome aboard!🍺

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MEME to the Moon!

thank you very much for sharing a great report, have a nice day

I didn't even know we were encouraged to do memes here. I thought longer articles were preferred???

What community would you suggest for memes?

Longer articles can have a meme that can summarize the subject of the article in a thought provoking or humorous way. Or it can be a quick @dbuzz post or Actifit report. I think most users on Hive can reasonably judge intent. If you do a few short posts and a few long posts and you're demonstrating thought and effort reasonable leeway is given. If you're a "meme mill" and just turning out a dozen memes a day every day with no text and no other posts written then nobody is going to like you and you'll be downvoted justifiably.

I am biased suggesting MemeHive Search for meme communities and whatever communities suit your taste is for you. If you can't find one you can create your own meme community. The thing that matters for MEME tokens is using one of the @memehive tribe tags #meme, #memes, #memehive or #hive-104024.

Thanks so much for the explanation :) ... If I DARED to start posting memes without text, I would be disowned by my tribe, lol! A dozen a day? Even one would be impossible to live down!!!

I see you joined July 22nd, 2019. You just missed seeing @killerteesuk's infamous virtually hourly dmania meme posts. Classic textbook "meme mill" I will always point to as WHAT NOT TO DO!🚫

Unfortunately I just got really involved recently so I missed the good old days :( ... But I am well aware of what is considered spam, and have seen what it can do to a platform.

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