@memehive has Plans for Meme NFTs

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Post by @holovision

Did you hear the news about the "Disaster Girl" meme being sold as an NFT for half a million dollars? What about the four million dollar Doge meme?

Nobody can promise that your meme can be worth a small fortune but someone might want to pay something for your meme if you're willing to sell it as an NFT.

@memehive recently launched the MEME token on the Hive blockchain. Right now funds are being raised and soon the @memehive tribe will have an official site using OUTPOST. OUTPOST has several great features but in this post I will explain why I believe the NFT feature is probably the most exciting one.

At the time of this writing OUTPOST is still on Hive-Engine Testnet. According to a recent post by @aggroed OUTPOST will be available on Friday the 23rd of July so maybe you've already seen OUTPOST in use by another tribe by the time you read this.

Image Source: https://cinetv.outpost.dtools.dev/

The layout for OUTPOST is very professional. The NFT Marketplace is very user-friendly.

I think you can see the potential here. I believe meme NFTs could become Hive's most popular form of NFT. Each user will be able to mint and sell their memes with limited production rights or as private.

You will be able to sell your meme art for MEME tokens. You can then stake those MEME tokens or sell those MEME tokens through https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=MEME or https://tribaldex.com/trade/MEME.

Image Source: https://cinetv.outpost.dtools.dev/

One more thing to be aware of when @memehive gets OUTPOST. There is a REPORT button on each posting in the NFT Marketplace. Currently OUTPOST has three causes for making a report. One of them is "Copyright infringement". A meme of Batman slapping Robin in a blog post is one thing. Selling it as an NFT is another.

The @memehive tribe deals with memes which are often based on derivative works. When @memehive is fully funded and gets OUTPOST there is going to be a post about Dos and Don'ts for creating and minting meme NFTs. Please don't feel like that will impede you if you want to create and sell memes. The various options will be covered in that future post.

Image Source: https://cinetv.outpost.dtools.dev/


Sounds like a solid plan. I think your MEME tribe is going to be a big hit.

Just about everyone loves memes and those that don't suck.

I've been praying for the tribe's success. I'll throw in an extra prayer for those who suck.😄

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