Larry anticipates the sun's rays on autumn mornings! - #166th Larry is alive contest

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Hi Alivers and Hivers near and far,

The night is almost over but the sun's rays are slow in arriving on this humid morning when Larry wakes up.
A great headache greets our hero when he opens his eyes after his short night's sleep.
Cold married to toothache but Larry makes no excuses @benthomaswwd.

In fact, Larry gets bored of staying home and taking a sick day at work.

After having had a hearty breakfast with hot milk and cereals mixed with a couple of teaspoons of honey, Larry puts on his uniform, glasses and shoulder bag ready for a new adventurous day at work.


Larry's first stop is among the skyscrapers of the modern, futuristic, reformist and progressive Listnerds neighborhood.
Here among the enlightened minds of tech entrepreneurs there is no Crypto Winter or fudders and bears.
They know that information technology and the blockchain are the future of humanity that will live in an advanced world where there are no dictatorships and crime but where everyone is the creator of their own destiny, a pro-active builder of their own fortunes.
Here the problems are not problems but challenges to be overcome with great ability and with the right mentality.
Larry does not hide that he would never leave here. He has other equally interesting destinations in his life which has many facets.

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After this dive into the future Larry takes his car and goes to his second stop in the coastal district of "Free advertising for you". Here, Larry loves to observe the sea which connects him to the vital thoughts of adventure in his subconscious.
This morning it's stormy, a rare event in Naples, and the waves are crashing hard in the face of the breakwaters.
Sprays of sea water bless the windows of his electric car.
Larry has installed a photovoltaic system and recharges his car at night when he goes to sleep to always keep the battery charged and to discharge the energy accumulated during the day.
Here he delivery 15 "1K Club banner ad" clicks.

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After taking one last look out to sea, Larry, takes a breather before moving on to the hip modern neighborhood of 'Traffic AD bar'.
Regardless of the finely falling rain, Larry sits under the Gazebo of the Caffè Gambrinus ready to consume a hot puff pastry accompanied by the legendary Neapolitan coffee which, Larry, takes strictly espresso and without sugar.
Every daily action in Naples is a pure and textbook ritual, before drinking coffee, he drinks a glass of water to cleanse his mouth of the taste of the sweet just eaten.
This is his second coffee and it's only eight in the morning.
All right, he says, there are still a few and before paying he orders another coffee.
Something has to help fight the headache one way or another!
Once back to work Larry delivery does a great job and has reached 28 websites and gets 7 hits.
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After being breathless looking, like every day, at the architectural beauties of the buildings of wealthy citizens, Larry takes a dive into humanity's past.
In fact, now he has to deliver the mail through the narrow alleys of the Neapolitan decumani.
The decumani or the upper decumanus, the lower decumanus and the greater decumanus (which is in the centre) are the three streets of the ancient historic center which for 3,000 years of history have never changed topography and which have become a World Heritage Site for being the only area of ​​the world that bears witness to its past.
In these alleys all the major civilizations that have populated Europe have merged and the beautiful gulf of Naples has often been contested in the battles between the European dynasties.
Each of these competed to see who donated the most beautiful works ever created to the city.
Larry is a history buff because he never stops discovering new mysteries about his people.
Here his car doesn't pass and he leaves it to his trusted valet to make the journey on foot.
In this neighborhood of "Infinity traffic boost" he delivers all the 10 emails he has in the bag to his satisfied and loyal customers.

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And here we are at the last and magnificent neighborhood of "Leads Leap".
In this place does a really great job delivering 16 clicks and this time he takes the opportunity to take a walk under the trees in the park at the end of his work.
After having delivered each letter from her purse, Larry continues his walk entering the boundless Royal forest of the Capodimonte park.
The immense green lung of the city where the incomparable King Charles III of Bourbon practiced hunting.
Here every day, Larry makes his pilgrimage to the very rich Capodimonte Museum, custodian of valuable masterpieces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
The mayor granted him an honorary membership in this post for his masterful work in performing his duties stoically.


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