My Vision For The Alive Tribe

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In today's video I talk about what my vision is for the new and upcoming Alive Tribe.

My Vision Of The Alive Tribe.jpg

Erik (@flaxz) has been hard at work on the new Alive Tribe and he is getting close to being ready for the launch. He has set a contest up for this week ending on Thursday to get some opinions and see what everyone's vision is for the new tribe. You can see all the details for the contest at the link below.

I also ran around Listopia today in search for Luke the list builder. There were four sites in the scavenger hunt today so it was a good day running around looking for Luke. Below you can see how my journey and where I was able to track down and find Luke.







You always want to be building your list and advertising lead capture pages and not advertising standard affiliate pages. I have been using a basic lead capture page for a little while now and you can see it here.

Not only do you want to be building your list you want to be tracking you results and making changes and tweaks or doing split testing to maximize your results so you are not wasting time and money on your advertising efforts. Below you can see my results from doing the scavenger hunts with the current lead capture page I have been using.

Screenshot 2021-03-27 235548.jpg

These are not the best results but I will be making many changes very soon to what I am doing so I can improve on the results and get more people to sign up to my lead capture pages and sites.


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Great video Mike, and thanks a lot for your support of the Alive Tribe, and really great to hear your vision for it and that you also look forward to develop Luke further together with it.

We will see how it develops after it has launched, it's anyones guess really, but my focus dirctly after launch is to make sure that the price of the token gets as much support as possible, and to keep on building on that.

Once that is in good order we will release the miners, and after that enable token delegations which will allow @aliveprojects to delegate tokens to projects for the tribe that works to increase the token value.

And from there I see the tribe expanding quite a bit, at least that is my hope.

I wish you an awesome Sunday.


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Thanks a lot Eliana. 😉


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