A Little Bit Of Housekeeping For The Swarm

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When we launched the CTP Token and CTPtalk.com we wanted our community of entrepreneurs to have a 'home' on the blockchain.

We never really policed the CTP tag, simply because we've had an awesome group of people within CTP that have never abused the tag. On top of that, low quality content was policed by the community itself and for over a year...We've had a very smooth experience.

CTP has had a very 'liberal' description of what is accepted content on CTP, but it's come to our attention that tag abuse is sadly, found it's way to the tribe.

And as we continue to grow, and attract more amazing community members, we think it's time to do a little bit of policing of the tag with the @noctp4u account.

We have begun to remove pending CTP rewards from content that has nothing to do with what CTP was designed for.

Question: What is acceptable content on CTP?

Answer: If you have a passion, and are trying to build a business around that passion...Your content is MORE than welcomed here.

The main focus is entrepreneurship, business building, affiliate marketing and crypto currency...However it's not the be all and end all.

So for example: If you are sharing pictures of food, maybe there is a much more targeted community for that on Hive.

We think, in general, the community uses the tag properly and most people here respect each token.

We hate doing this hard stance approach, but we have investors and community members to think about. We want CTP to be a place for all creators, to feel welcomed...But tag abuse has to be stopped now before it gets out of control.

If you are looking for awesome general content accepted tags....Use #neoxian or #palnet . These are fantastic communities on the blockchain where you can post whatever you wish :)

If you are curious if your content fits the bill for CTP, simply drop us a line in our Discord.

More than likely, you are good! We're not in the business of upsetting anyone, but we just feel it's time to protect the CTP community and it's token holders!

Note: The @noctp4u has minimal Hive Power, so if it downvotes content, it will only remove pending CTP rewards.


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Good stuff, take care of it now before it gets out of control :)

Yeah it's not rampant yet...Best to get it handled now.

So good I screenshot the hashtags that are good ones that I can use anywhere and appreciate you putting those up there but I don't like the word abuse I didn't mean to abuse anything I was told that I could do that but I'm going to go back to doing it right and make sure it's about click track profit and all they have to offer in my post that are when I use their hashtag.

The issue is from newer accounts that post 10 community tags trying to get every token there is.

Appreciate your response ☺️.

I agree with the approach of moderating your own community. Maybe this can be the final post, a bit like what @hivehustlers did to define clearly what content can be included with the CTP tag so no one should be confuses here on out.

(p.s. Hope I'm still OK to use the tag to build a dnb/trance music following on my blog here 😁)

Oh of course man...Coming from a music background in my younger days, I know that's as much of an entrepreneurial spirit as there gets LOL

Nice...fully support it and it is for the good of the community. Mods make a community, i believe, and thanks for taking the effort to clean the place up.

For sure, we'll do our best to keep it a much better experience for everyone!

This type of housekeeping is extremely important, we don't want our community tags to be nothing more than spam fodder :-D

Yup, and we need to work to make CTP as awesome as possible :)

Here Here! It's happening across all the communities, especially the @hivelist community. We are about to actively start downvoting abusive posts. We can help out with that as well as you guys are a #hustler supported community as well!



Yeah it's not too bad yet...But I've noticed it's the accounts that are brand new and putting in 15 community tags lol

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a community on Hive that could help these new folks learn how to use Hive with oh, I don't know, a pdf GUIDE of some kind. Oh wait... there is! :)

All hail the king of the dad jokes. Just saw that title of yours while scrolling by. 😂

Hehe. Jon O. did that I do believe. He calls me that because I drop dad joke memes in our Telegram channel, and own dadJokesAndMemes.com :)

The occasional joke on Discord or Telegram I get, but that website is true dedication to the artform. 😂

I bet you enjoy !BEER as well.

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This is a very good thing! And interesting because I saw a post on Noise.cash about something related to this. Someone posted about people putting posts in chambers that have nothing to do with the post content and asked if posts like that should be deleted or muted. I said yes, because those chambers are created for a reason and the posts in there should be on topic.

Yeah easier to manage on Noise Cash, as it's centralized. Here, we can mute accounts and downvote. Which I hate doing, but it's a must these days.

Good Morning, @clicktrackprofit! I would prefer not to downvote too. On the other hand you can't let the community turn into a spam fest. No fun having to be the post police. Have a great day! 😀

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This is good.
Also, I have been guilty of not using the tag for only my business/investing/building posts. I will do better in the future for sure.
I am excited for the future of this project.

Appreciate you man, thanks for the day one support!

Thanks for the heads up and will be more mindful when using the tag 👍.

Housekeeping is needed. Keeps the CTP brand clean on the chain. :)

Yeah, just a quick tidy...Nothing major :)

It's always difficult to find the correct path between fighting abuse and not upsetting people. When wanting to be fair with the people who are working hard to make this community grow, it's important to fight the abuse. I suggest however that every downvote is followed by a comment that explains why the downvote occured. Thanks for doing this!

Urgh it's like...The last thing I wanna do...But has to be done to keep things on the up and up!

Great suggestion too!

I've probably slipped in the ctp tag on an occasional food/recipe post, but I will refrain from that in the future. A certain amount of policing is needed in my opinion, to keep your goals in line, as long as the abused does not become the abuser.

The main focus is entrepreneurship, business building, affiliate marketing and crypto currency

When reading this, the #IAmAliveChallenge came to mind. That doesn't seem to fall under those categories, but is closely tied to the CTP community, and the tag gets used there often. How do you look at cases like that?

All good man, appreciate the honesty :)

Yeah that's a tough call....Because it is so closely tied to CTP.

Maybe @flaxz could give some insight on how best to handle it.

Ok @jongolson I just published a guidelines post according to my other comment, https://peakd.com/hive-155221/@iamalivechalleng/posting-guidelines-for-iaac-on-ctptalk

Great job @jongolson, making sure that CTPtalk is on target is really important for it's success which we both want.

As to the #IAmAliveChallenge the guidance that I have reiterated on a few occasions and that is part of the guide, https://peakd.com/hive-155221/@flaxz/i-am-alive-challenge-the-guide, is this.


Quite a few of the IAAC posts in CTPtalk also follows that, but there is also a big part who does not, and the main problem is that people does not listen when there is no downside to disregard the guidance.

So my suggestion is this, I will make a specific guide that I will pin up top in the I Am Alive Challenge Community to make this guidance more visible.

Once that is done and people have got a chance to read it, then you start using the @noctp4u account to downvote the posts that does not follow the guidance.

To spot which posts are not promoting the I Am Alive ebook you will need to view the posts, it's not immediately obvious by just looking at the title, we do not want to scare away people who are using IAAC to build their business.

Does this sound like a workable plan?

I completely forget about the e-book after I read about it the first time months ago, but I'll be sure to include it in my next IAAC post, whenever that will be. Been slacking that and daily posts in general.

Also: Why are you the James Brown of Hive? 😅

That is great to hear man, and yeah I will not comment on the James Brown stuff but ask Jon lol.

Thanks a lot for creating this post and spreading the awareness.
Appreciate this 👍

Thanks for the support!

Is there are problem with my account bcos I noticed curation/author rewards from CTP and mining rewards from CTPM doesn't seem to claim for about a week now. What's the cause of this?