CTP Chat For June 1st, 2021

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It's a new month!

Let's have some fun to kick start the month of June!

If you could have an hour with any entrepreneur in history, who would it be and why?

It'll be interesting to read the responses for this one :)


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I would love to chat with someone like Warren Buffet.
I have admired him in some ways but one of my questions would be "Why do you need so much money?"
It is unfathomable to me. I think i would feel great with much less. I can imagine buying a house or maybe even two. I would feel very successful if I made over 2 or 3 hundred thousand. I just want to have what I need and be successful
When is enough, enough? That is what I would love to ask many entrepreneurs.

I always said, the only thing money ever did for me was allow me to pay my bills on time LOL And seriously, I'm not sure how much more I would need to be 'happy' Just as long as my family is taken care of and I can contribute to organizations and charities regularly.

I think that's what money can do....Help you, help more people.

You are correct. I guess if I was that rich I would be a philanthropist.

That is an awesome reason to keep working :-)

Absolutely, the best use of any money is to help others. This is paraphrased: "Charity is Love in Action" When using charity I am only intending to say giving money to help others. :-)

WB in the early days would have been great, but now, not so much in my opinion. But yeah, my thing is I just want to be comfortable and enjoy my lifestyle without having to stress about anything. Not quite there, but hopefully in a couple of years I will be where I want to be.

I think I would ask the question "Why are you so adverse to learning about crypto?" instead to Warren Buffet.

I can't speak for the wealthy. "Shaq is rich, but the guy that writes his checks are wealthy" --Chris Rock. I truly believe if we work our businesses, do what needs to be done. There will come a day where we will have to decide to stop or keep going. IT would be interesting to see what each of us decides. :-)

Yes that is the dilemma isn't it. We don't even know really what will happen tomorrow.
I think I will keep going for now.
What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow.
That is how sacred life is.


I had yesterday quite a number of discussions about voting on hive in general. I started with a video about it and I plan to do some more of them. What kind of questions do you have regarding voting on hive or how to improve your curation rewards?

Is there a way to tell what your voting power for all the tags when you are upvoting a post? When you are up-voting some specific front-end let you set the %. Does this set the % vote for all the tokens on that post or is the % set by the default set up in the setting for those other front-ends?

That's a very good question and it's not so easy to answer. Basically you always upvote with the same amount that you vote on hive. So a 100% upvote in hive will also be a 100% upvote in CTP.

However if a post doesn't carry the ctp tag, this means that there won't be an upvote in CTP and your voting power in Hive and CTP will be different.

You can see your voting power in leodex.io/rewards for the different coins.

There is also a magical way to work with and it's vote weight multipliers. But I would need a specific post to explain this one :-)

The quicker we go back to linear rewards on Hive, the better LOL

It's complicated enough without having to deal with a non linear reward curve I believe :-)

I saw your post that you made.
This was some very eye opening information about upvoting.
I really appreciate all the work you do on this.
I am now being more mindful of my upvotes!

Another question @achim03 Is it more important in the beginning to stake Hive rather than CTPtalk?
I have 4500 staked at CTPtalk and only 178 HP. It seems like like I may have done it backwards

To a newcomer I would always encourage to first build some CTP power because it's much easier to generate it and to get some decent upvotes. Then with the staked ctp power, it's possible to give rewards to others by upvoting. Like that it's possible to gain influence in the community. The hive power will grow little by little but it takes much more time.

Thanks I appreciate your answer.

Without question, it would be Gary Vee. I resonate with him. When I was contemplating going back into online marketing listening to him made it easier to do.

Heck yeah Gary V for the win!!!

For sure....He'd be someone I would love to sit down with for sure. Got a chance to see him live a few years back, worth it if you ever get a chance.

Definitely would be awesome.

I have not heard of him. I will have to check him out.
I am starting to get backlogged with authors I need to find out about

That is an excellent recommendation, thank you. I have not encountered his works, but will be looking for them :-)

If I had an hour with any entrepreneur in history, it would be J.K. Rowling. Not just because I like the Harry Potter book series but because of where she started from. Before her bestseller, she was living on welfare and struggling to get by as a single mother. Today her net worth is over $1 billion. I would say she knows something about pulling yourself up by the boot straps and never giving up on your dreams.

She's for sure a testament to sticking to it. Huge success story.

I like your choice. That would be very interesting :-)

Love it.
Yes her story is very interesting.

Preface: I have never had children. That being said the pressure she must have been under and the doubts or any negative feedback she may have received. So many of us would have quit and settled for a soul-sucking job, but she persevered and succeeded. I must say those books are amazing even the ones without Harry Potter :-)

Even though she is an actress, I would love to spend an hour with Mariska Hargitay! She not only has had a great career playing Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU she also created a non profit organization that helps victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. It is called the Joyful Heart Foundation. https://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/ She is using her good fortune to help people and that is awesome to me.

That is really awesome. Talk about being dedicated to a cause, she really went above and beyond by starting the Joyful Heart Foundation.

I would say Henry Ford because he revolutionized not just automobile manufacturing but manufacturing in general.

For me, I think it would be Jony Ive.

Sure I'm an Apple fan boy, but the real reason would be how Jony made design...Simple. The look and feel of all the products he helped create, changed so much.

It was an experience to just hold a new iPhone or iPad, and the entire experience was centered around minimalist designs. I think the more 'simple' we make things, the better for adoption.

And Jony was the king of simple!

Good choice. I like the minimalist design and simplicity. If more product or process could be made that way.

I think the smartest move he could have made was leaving Apple and going on his own. When he started designing the Apple Stores, that put him in the architecture category and put him on a different planet. He is still contracted by Apple for some things, but he now has his own design firm. I respect the crap out of that dude because he and Tim Cook were not close, lol. Not the biggest fan here of Tim, lol. But you know 8 years will do that, lol.

Sounds like you have some stories to tell :-)

Great choice extra credit from the Computer Geeks of the World. Don't Listen to Blain nothing wrong with computers that work right out of the box :-D lol

Going on @jongolson's Apple fetish, I would want to sit down with Steve Jobs. Yeah, he was an interesting character, a class A arsehole, but a mad genius all at the same time. I joined Apple a year after his passing so I never had the opportunity to meet him or anything. But if I were to pick a brain of someone like that, it would be him. Other than that, I would want to sit down with someone like Napoleon Hill or one of the OG's like a Rockefeller or something, lol. Old dead dudes, lol.

Yeah man, he was a weird one LOL But just brilliant on so many levels.

Massive intellects a gift or a curse. It has often crossed my mind how many geniuses there are wandering the streets homeless. They don't have a grip on reality but they can solve the Millennium Prize Problems in their head.

Yeah man, he was a weird one LOL But just brilliant on so many levels.

Working for Apple must be pretty awesome! Napoleon Hill was my choice. IT was a very difficult choice as you said there are so many to choose from. Ever wonder what it was like to start a business back in Ancient Greece?

I quit working for them a year ago this month. It's was corporate, lol. They tried to make it fun, but yeah, it was time to break out on my own and best financial decision I have ever made.

That is awesome congratulations on your freedom 😀

Jon Olson I pick and why
You have taught me so much you are an example of what we should all do to be successful. One day at a time

Appreciate that man, thanks for the shout out!

Damn, I like some of the mentioned like Gary V and J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter fangirl here!)!
But maybe an hour with Russell Brunson wouldn't be bad either!

J.K. Rowling Fanboy!! A conversation with Russel would be fascinating.

Here's the Darren Daily video of the day! Enjoy!

Thank you Eliana, I am quickly becoming a fan :-)

it's a must listen to for me!

good man!

Napoleon Hill (1883 - 1970)


I have been fascinated with Napoleon Hill ever since I read Think & Grow Rich. The year was 2006, I was fresh out of the military with an abundance of both money & time. A very dangerous combination. I found a beat-up old copy of Think & Grow Rich for a dollar in a bookstore called Powell's Books in Portland Oregon. I was on my way from San Diego California to Longview Washington to visit friends.

I had finished the book on my second day of the visit, then it was all I could talk about. My friends told me about a small 2 bedroom house that was for rent. The next thing I know I am living in Washington, and by now I had read Think & Grow Rich about 3 times. This is when I decided to open a computer repair shop. Wrote up a business plan, rented some office space on the 3rd floor of a building downtown Longview called the Merch short for Merchantile. Then I joined the Longview Chamber of Commerce & a Marketing Referral Group named LeTip. Two months later I have more repair work than I can handle.

Okay Nice Story, But Why Napoleon Hill?

Napoleon Hill talks about a conversation with Andrew Carnegie about a Secret, and I know he dedicated all of his writings to this, but I would like to ask him to tell me exactly what Mr. Carnegie told him.

That's an awesome story, Chris! It would be nice to learn that secret, wouldn't it? Where is Longview? I was stationed in Bangor, WA on the submarine base for my first duty station out of bootcamp. I was near Bremerton and Poulsbo and an hour ferry ride from Seattle.

If you are in Portland Oregon, take the 5 North for about 45 minutes and you take an exit go over a bridge, and boom you are in Cowlitz county Washington, take the 5 Corridor for about 15 minutes and you will hit Longview. 😀

Hey Chris! I was offline yesterday. Our internet was down until the evening so I just took the day. I was looking at a map of Washington State. I sent you the screenshot in a DM in Telegram. I was closer to Bremerton and Longview is a bit south of that. Have a great day! 😀

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Any entrepreneur in history? I would pick John D. Rockefeller. The titan transformed the modern world by bringing energy in the form of oil. The world returned the favor by making him the richest man in it. I bet he would have some wisdom worth absorbing!

Definitely Rockefeller was awesome. He was a big believer in reinvesting profits to grow the company. He was amazing with money, his financial journals tracked every penny. Even still John D. Rockefeller was no Scrooge as he gave generously to many charities.

So true. It's on my list to read his biography called "Titan" by Ron Chernow.

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Any entrepreneur in history? I would pick John D. Rockefeller. The titan transformed the modern world by bringing energy in the form of oil.

Any entrepreneur in history? I would pick John D. Rockefeller. The titan transformed the modern world by bringing energy in the form of oil.