CTP Chat For May 14th, 2021

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What a fantastic week!

And as we gear down for the weekend....It's time to reflect!

What goal did you accomplish this past week? And what do you have lined up for next week as well?

Planning and executing goals is critical to your success....Let's share our wins this week, but also what we learned along the way!


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This week has been murder.

Completely missed all my daily goals so I did not even come close to making my weekly goals. Last Saturday mid noon I had a series of Kidney problems. This is very painful process normally do to lack of exercise and poor dietary choices. 7 days later, health wise I am doing so much better and my kidney functions are very close to normal.

Next Week Total Reset

Officially on Monday, starting today unofficially going to reinforce my calendar allowing more time for raw food prep, as close to 90% plant based diet as manageable. Going to a 20 minute PT period three times a day, and a more comprehensive workout with kettlebells and heavy cardio 3 times weekly for about 60 minutes.

We All Have Our Baggage

knowing that we all have baggage, it must be said that it is important how we handle our baggage. For me with a healthier body I will be much more productive, and back to achieving goals in no time. In reality I have burned about 10 good days with this. When I add up the hours I was unproductive because I was seeing a Doctor, receiving treatment, etc... My only recourse is to properly adopt a healthy lifestyle for my current condition

Don't worry about it and good luck reaching your goals next week. I find the best thing to do is to do better next week. There is nothing wrong with trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words :-)

Walking and going on my hikes has been heaven sent for me...And I've now gamified it, so I'm always trying to beat my time each circuit I do LOL

But the best part...It's easy to get into the habit and keep at it. Crush it man, you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to!

@jongolson The King is sending


your way for being the fearless leader and sticking to your physical game plan.

Thank you so much. We will keep each other exercising lol :-D

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Nice goals. And yeah, if it helps, I've eaten weeks of 100% plant based diet recently if you need recommendations. My wife swears by a site\tool called Purple Carrot. We can send you a free box and you can try it out if you want. It's 100% vegetarian\vegan recipes with all of the food\raw veggies sent. They send spices, everything. You have to slice\dice and cook all the veggies per the recipe, but the stuff is good.

We do 3 -4 meals a week from them. I don't miss meat.

Thank you so much, but that is okay as we source our produce from the local farmers market Sundays and Thursdays, plus we get our spices from Yousef Speaks, A Mother Son Team mixes spices by hand and sells them on FB, My Anne & Izzy (Yousef's Mom) worked at Walmart together back in the day so they are good friends, and Yousef being Autistic this has been a wonderful experience for him.

My problem is I come from a Family of unbelievable cooks. I was taught from a young age so I can take a whole chicken mix up a rosemary Thyme brine with a bit of brown sugar, and have an amazing rotisserie chicken. I just need to use my discipline & self pride to not buy anymore meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and all will be good.

This is the best CTPChat comment ever! Here’s some veggie !PIZZA.

Thank you so very much for the pizza. Now I am compelled to learn about Pizza. :-)

Welcome! In my humble opinion, PIZZA token is worth learning about!

Thank you I will do that 😀



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Just turn the page brother @mba2020 - your next week will be EPIC!

Thanks Jimmy really appreciate it!! :-)

When I don't feel good I don't get a lot done either.
It is good to cut yourself some slack sometimes.

Yup you and me both. lol

@mba2020 Which college did you receive your MBA from? Have a blessed Sunday. The King is hungry and it appears that you need a


As well!

Very sorry for the misunderstanding. I do not hold an MBA, the letters are an initialization of Millionaire Builder's Academy (my Brand) I wrote an article about it entitled "Why Can't I Just Fake It Till I Make It?" I am in no way trying to misrepresent myself 😀

@mba2020 Hey, it is a great conversation starter! Have a blessed weekend!



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Been kind of busy handling personal stuff this week but I did manage to get a couple of FB lives done and tomorrow I will be doing the wheel spin for this month's winner of the My1440 mug. Time is yet to be determined because I will be helping my husband repair my Dad's dishwasher. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

Good luck to all the entries for the mug!

Looking forward to seeing who is the winner!

Thanks, Jon! Learned that sharing a screen on a FB live is more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I wasn't able to share my screen while I was live. Oh well! Just waiting for the winner to contact me now with his mailing address.

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

That is so cool that you have been doing your videos.
You are an inspiration.
I want one of your mugs. where can I get one. I want to be reminded daily that there is only 1440 minutes in a day

Hello and Thank you, Tom! That's very nice of you.

Here is the link for the My 1440 Mug on Zazzle!


Appreciate the support.
May I ask you a favor? When you get your mug will you take a selfie with you holding the mug and send it to me?
@robwillmann gave me the idea to create a page of "mug shots" with people and their My1440 mugs. It will be a page on my website.
Have a great Monday!


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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

yeah, am with you on the last one....... all the best ;)

Thanks, Hariton! The repair went fine but the part we replaced did not fix the leak! So, now we will be buying a new dishwasher instead because all of the gaskets have been replaced and none of them were a fix. Oh well! The dishwasher is over 20 years old and has gotten alot of use over the years. So it has served it's time.
Happy Monday! 😀

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it sure has
I hope you find another one just like that or better

Thanks, @hariton! I am sure we will. Have a great weekend!😀

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

then it's for the best ;)

@lisamgentile1961 Lisa, have a blessed Sunday. All that repair works sounds like you and your family could use some


Good Morning, @kingneptune and thanks very much for the Wine! The repair itself went well but what we fixed wasn't the problem. We will be buying a new dishwasher. But at least we can. Have a great Wednesday!

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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you wishing you the best of luck :-)

Thanks, Chris! Good news, the replacement of the sump assembly gasket for the dishwasher went well. Bad news, that was not the problem and it is still leaking. Now we are looking to buy a new dishwasher because sinking any more money into that one is not a good idea. It's old and well used.
Have a great week!

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What I do with our old appliances that are broken, normally I sell them whole for anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on the item, how broken it is, and how much it is worth in scrap. Just food for thought, and yes I am into monetizing anything & everything lol 😃

That's interesting, Chris! Thanks for the input. So, when someone buys an old appliance do you deliver it or do they pick it up? We don't have the means to deliver it so in our case they would have to pick it up. It costs 15.00 to have it hauled away in the garbage pickup. Pretty broken. Already put almost 80 bucks into fixing it. The next step was to get O-rings for the pump itself which might be cracked. The O-rings are stupid expensive. It's time to say when as far as trying to repair it anymore. I will look into selling it as scrap to see if we can get anything out of it. Worth a try. 😀

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Whenever I sell a large item I have them come to me. Once in a blue moon, there will be a bit of push back, but then I say "hey that is why I am letting it go for so cheap" They normally agree, if not there is always another buyer lol

That makes sense, Chris! And yes, there will most likely always be someone who will want it! In this case we have decided to not deal with it. Roy is having hip and back pain so dealing with getting a dishwasher out and up the steps and out of the house isn't a good idea. We are going to the orthopedic surgeon to have him checked out on Tuesday! Growing older isn't for sissies as they say! 😀

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That is true aging is the hardest most painful thing I have ever done lol

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Is there ever a day with too much engagement lol 😂

My week started off pretty rough. I had very low expectations and no goals. But CTPChat became an exiting addition and something I've looked forward to every day!

I look forward to each daily chat as everyone always various knowledge to share. The daily question also helps start the conversations going which lead to other topics being discussed.

I have so much knowledge to share. I admit I don’t share enough.

Since I am new, you can start with the basics and I would be happy to learn it all. LOL

Try the 3 steps no excuses challenge.
That got me rocking.
I am still integrating all the great stuff I learned

Thanks for the suggestion, @alente.

Awesome to hear it man, so cool to have you onboard and fired up for the Chat!

That is awesome!! I really look forward to posting and engaging in CTPChat as well. Be sure to ask lots of questions because this is a great community with a lot of know how :-)

I find it easier to at least have some goal to push you forward. It may not work for you but maybe you should just try setting a few to start.

We need some #hivehustlers in this chat! You should start throwing that or the #hustler tag to get our community involved, or what we have of one right now, heck most of them are here, lol. Anyway, reblogged it from this account!

Great to see the hustlers showing up! PIZZA!

Oh and refer to @thelogicaldude's comment for my goals and such... we are one in the same, lol...

For sure, I'll make a note of it for the next one!

Will use those tags on my next post :-)

Hoping everyone is having an amazing FriYAY!

Good week for me. 9 posts, also continue to post on Noise.Cash, although it’s not the same vibe anymore- it’s good to keep the engagement going, a few videos, didn’t get a ton of sign-ups but the pivot will have me grindin a little harder - all good. I still get a list or downline sign-up a day. My commenting, delegating, upvoting, engagement and investing has all made an uptick. You all motivate me 🙏🏼

Crushing it!

Keep going man....You are inspiring a lot of people!

The CTP Swarm is keeping me on my toes @jongolson ✋🏽

@jimmy.adames The King thinks one daily sign up is a pretty good number. You should be celebrating with a


Thanks @kingneptune 🙏🏼 Very much appreciated!

Hey Jimmy I need to do more noise.cash. I will work on posting on there more so we can get some excitement going again.

While earning, it’s never gonna hurt 🤘🏽

I am having a great Friday.
I didn't have the time I wanted for my online business that I would have liked to have though.
This group helps motivate me too.

Yes they do! Have a great weekend 🙏🏼 @alente

Tom I feel your frustration I really do. I do not mean to pile on but when I worked at walmart I always said I can't wait until I quit so I can spend more time on my business. It finally came to pass, but it is odd, even though I can give a full 1440 minus sleep, I still do not have enough time :-)

I agree Noise has changed a lot, but on a positive note the people are still the same, and it is not all spammy like linkdin :-)

Hey @jimmy.adames, here is a little bit of BEER from @kingneptune for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I established goals for CTP and hive for the month of May and posted online for accountability purposes. I am targeting at least three post per week. Currently that is pushing my limit. My goal is to engage on CTPTalk each day in a meaningful way. I try to learn something new each day and apply it over the course of the next week. Once I see how my earnings of CTP and hive are for the month of May, I will be establishing monthly goals and year end target.

Posting online for accountability is a good idea.
Maybe I will write a post about my goals.
I was supposed to start the Guinee pig challenge this week and I dropped the ball.
I will start tonight and put it in a post this weekend.

that is the way to make progress. The CTP talk team will support you all along the way. Just ask and we will be there for you.

I appreciate how motivated you are, but consider this, you do not want to overload yourself with challenges and commitments. I made that mistake myself and it caused a lot of undue stress. I think it was March I found myself involved in four different challenges with no time to work on my online business lol

If you reg job takes up 10 hours of your day then realistically with 7 hours to sleep that only leaves you with 7 hours to work your biz everyday, if you have no social life and eat a ready made dinner while you work so let's say with dinner and washing up that leaves you with 5 hours a day to work your biz.

Challenges are great for inspiring growth just be sure you work them 1 at a time and that they are good for your business model :-)

Very good sober advice.
I do tend to over do it sometimes.
I will focus on one thing at a time.
I got really excited about it all when I completed the 30 day challenge.
You are correct though about the challenges.

I learned the hard way, lol 😂

You are on the right path for sure!

And it's great to review those goals consistently, adjust where you feel you can improve as well. Keep going man!!

the goals do help. There are days, I just don't want to do anything... but then I look at my goals I think if I don't take actions today, that is one less day to meet my goals.

That is excellent!! You are setting yourself up for constant growth :-)

That is what I am hoping for constant growth. The funny thing is that on one of my first post, I earned more LEO and POB tokens than CTP. Due to this, I will need to either set goals for them or consolidate and move those earnings to CTP tokens. LOL

I am not saying CTP isn't awesome because it is. You may want to consider holding your Leo, this is not financial advice, and I am just a guy. I am holding all of my Leo, and also POB, in fact I want to accumulate and hold as many of the HIVE family tokens as I can.

I think I need to do a lot more research on each one prior to getting rid of any of the Hive family tokens. They all have different meanings and values. Until I know more about each one, I will HODL them all.

That is a very wise & prudent approach 😀

"What goal did you accomplish this past week? And what do you have lined up for next week as well?"

I feel good about the material I posted under the threesteps account, and building up that account for more curation rewards. I was able to finish a complete week of posts for the #3StepsNoExcuses journey I am on. :)

For next week, three main goals:

  1. Continue doing the 3SNE posts daily, and part of that is video daily.
  2. Research and Write script for my upcoming podcast intro\outros so I can hire voiceover artist from fiverr.
  3. Get at least 2 additional pieces of historical threesteps material copies from hive to my blog.

The last steps is about building up my 3steps.today site up and duplicate all of my 3SNE content in two places: on hive, on my blog.

I am going to do the challenge again also. it really motivated me to get more done.
My goal is to start writing a blog every day especially on my website.

Daily video is a tricky one but I am still trying to master the art of daily posting.

We got your back @jongolson - you have a family to live for, a thriving online business, an incredible following that support you. It’s going to be rough, but you so got this 💪🏽

I am making progress towards my goals at a decent pace but I was planning on finish one of my monthly goals. I guess I am also making a minimum of 100 comments a day so at least I didn't disappoint myself yesterday.

It was unavoidable and things weren't going well with BSC and I am still waiting for a refund to actually start putting things into my LP.

That is awesome.
It seems like that many comments would take a lot of the day.

Tom I believe for some of us (me) that would be the whole day, at the same time I can't help but to try and imagine what his @jfang003 daily rewards must be. That is epic :-)

That is amazing 100 comments a day, wow!!!

100 comments a day....Absolute legend!

It is time consuming but its not as tough with a space to talk such as @leomarkettalk or @ctpchat.

I have been neglecting @leomarkettalk ever since @ctpchat, I will head over there as soon as I am done here :-)