CTP Chat For May 31st, 2021

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A brand new work week :)

Are you excited? I know we are!!

Let's play mentor for people today...

If you could give one piece of advice for a new person looking to start their online business, what would it be?

Looking forward to reading those answers!!


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My advice...

Build your brand & build your list.

This is an ongoing process, but so important to start when you are beginning your journey. I believe it rises and falls on good content creation and engagement within social media and your blogs...

Which drives the traffic and if you have your lead capture pages / forms in place, you'll be driving subscribers to your lists in the process.

Win Win!

That took me forever to learn to build your list build your business, more than a decade. I was so ingrained into working a program and then running out of money to take the program past 180 days. This was an ongoing and vicious cycle until I found an MLM that taught me all the ins and outs of having an eBay store.
Remembering 2014 I did not join the program to learn about eBay, I joined because I thought it was going to make money. Not 1 person joined under me I was so caught up in learning all I could about eBay that I just ran with it and now it supports my entire household in Orange County California (even the bad areas are expensive).
This is a hot ticket subject and this post should hold the record for comment amount and length. :-)

Programs come and go but your list is yours forever! So treat them like people not just email addresses in your data base

I truly like the statement you are making here, @lisamgentile1961... Treat them like people not just email addresses in your database.

Thanks, @jacoalberts! Building relationships is the most important part of all of this. I am building some great ones here. Have a great day!😀

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Understanding this idea more clearly than ever before is helping me stay motivated.
I am now starting to understand how important it is to engage with my list and develop my brand.
This has been huge for me

Build Brand and list is first step of the three. Without it the three legged stool (Build, Stake, Grow) would be very difficult to stay balanced and be comfortable on which to create your business foundation.

Do your own research and allot of it. You can never dig too deep into something you are about to spend your time money and energy on.

Also, when you find the direction you want to go... Get skin in the game as soon as possible. This makes you accountable to yourself and will keep you driving forward.

If you fail, good, fail again... Keep failing, because it by our mistakes that we learn and perfect things! Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty. It’s only by learning what doesn’t work is when you will find the thing that does. Even if it is the 1000th try, lol.

Oh yeah, and build your brand and following and such, lol. That’s all important too, lol.

Get some skin in the game!

Brilliant advice. And I think we try so hard to nickel and dime things, we don't have that investment in our business. Doesnt need to be thousands, but enough to keep our head in the game.

Yes being willing to fail is important. There have definitely been times when I was held back by that fear.
I guess I am thick headed. I have failed so many times as a marketer it makes me wonder sometimes why I keep on trying.
I guess I just really want it.

Honestly I would prefer to avoid failing but you learn the most out of it. So I think its good to just keep learning every time you fail.

it is very important to get in sooner than later. Don't let indecision be the reason you do not start you new business. Commit to it and move forward.

Dominos Pizza founder Tom Monaghan failed many times before achieving success. Today Dominos is the #2 Pizza Chain second only to Pizza Hut. You are correct in that fail and fail again, in fact success is just a series of failures :-)

In addition to "Build Your List" I would say don't fall for the hype! "Make thousands in minutes for no cost!" These offers only put money in the pockets of the program owner.

I agree totally. I see these offers all the time and I have to admit some of them are very tempting. But since I have committed to a direction, I need to stay focused on it and not fall for any other these "Make thousands in minutes for no cost!" offers.....

Yes and there is so much hype now days.
It can be very confusing for a newbie.
I like Jons 80/20 advice. It is a real practical way of presenting information.
This is a very good point you have made

Crazy to think, it's the most straight forward advice...Yet people fall for it time and time again.

Happy Memorial Day for all those in the US! I want to thank all of our Armed Forces members for their service and a special thank you to those that gave their lives protecting the rest of us!

Happy Memorial Day

I Wish I Would Have...

When I first started I just joined one program after another hoping that the program would be the answer to my income problems. I wish I would have just started with my business plan before anything else. It would have saved me a bundle of money.

A Business Plan Is Paramount To Success

Back when I did not have a written business plan, it was easy to get derailed by a shiny object. I am not going to lie it was very difficult for me. I went online to learn how to write a business plan, and 14 days later I had something I could work with. The plan became a lot easier to write when I wrote it as if I were asking for funding from a bank or an investor. When a person reads it, the true test of a good business plan should explain everything about your business (product or service, supply chain, customer base, budget, sales projections, etc.) :-)

Creating a plan is very important for the smooth running and long-term focus of your business.

After reading your blog posts I know you are a person of planning :-)

Building a plan is something people need in more than just a business. I find that having a plan and maybe even some goals helps you progress towards getting everything done.

That is true my plans often include personal goals :-)

I agree having a plan helps keep goals clear.
I am still working on this. I also have joined many many programs.
Deciding which ones to promote can be a little confusing when you belong to a lot of sites.
Having a business plan can also be a way of making priorities.
Great post!

I was in a similar place not too long ago. I only promote programs or sites that I am using in my everyday life. If I am not using it I am not promoting it. This simplifies everything. I only want to promote sites, services, products, and or programs that give me excellent daily value.

That's an interesting angle. I've never really done a business plan, but I always write my goals down. Every year, I start with the 3 things I want to accomplish that year and then break them down day by day.

I have a gut feeling we are talking about the same thing, I am talking from a beginner's point of view, but you are a 20+ year veteran of internet marketing so your goal (business) planning stage is just adding to your CTP Empire :-)

This makes perfect sense. I am sure if we can start out with a proper business plan, it would prevent us from hopping from one program to another.

Having a proper business plan to start with, we would know exactly what we want and what we are looking for instead of hopping on the internet and just see what is available, taking the first shiny offer that comes our way...

In addition to build your brand and build your list, I believe the first piece of advice I would give a person looking to start an online business is:

Do your due diligence

  • Don't just jump in to the first online business that pops across your screen when you are surfing.
  • Don't just sign-up for the business that you best friend or neighbor is promoting
  • Don't just fall for all the hype about making money on the web

-- Actually perform some research about the type of online business you want to be in.
-- Know how much time you want to dedicate to your new online business.
-- Think about what you want to accomplish with your new online business.

Once you have decided, have focus and commit time. Success in an online business does not happen overnight.
It takes time and if you know what you want to achieve, you are halfway there. The other half is the hard work and time it will take once you dedicate to your online business. Otherwise you will just be jumping around to the next best thing you hear about or see on the web.

Research is definitely required for any type of investment (including a business). You have to find out how to plan accordingly otherwise you will have troubles down the road.

research is important but no one should let it lead to inaction. Finding a business and committing to it is better than never starting one at all because the research has yet to be completed.

Great advice man.

I think the biggest thing is when you said...Once you have it, focus and commit to it.

Be as active in a year from now, as we are today.

As you mentioned in one of your presentations earlier this month, give the program/business you select time to work.

This is great advice. Along these line it is good to know if you can contact the owners of a site.
I hate it when I can't contact an owner to resolve problems.

yes, I would say finding out if the owners can be contacted should be part of your due diligence.

Very well written the only thing I would like to add is when choosing your lucrative online activity it should be something that you love doing. Even when 100% self-employed it is incredible how quickly your new business becomes a horrible grind, so never do it just for the money, do it for the love of doing it. Sorry about the clumsy language. Sometimes we lose sight of why we want our own business :-)

I would have to say changing your Mindset is the best advice I could give someone.
If your view in life is from a perspective of a victim and that the world owes you something then I don't think you can get anywhere.
I have had to learn the hard way that I need to wake up everyday feeling excited about my day and also having positive thoughts.
Learning to be accountable and not blaming other people is also something I have learned from changing my mindset.
I have always been my worst enemy.
It does not matter where you have been it only matters where you are going.

Oh so true!

Mindset is everything in this business. The right one can make you win, the wrong one can keep you losing.

So true. "Are you happy because you sing or do you sing because you are happy?" Always brining positive thoughts to the front of your mind will help you stay in a better frame of mind.

"Are you happy because you sing or do you sing because you are happy?"
so true. For me both options work

Mindset is a large portion of the battle, that is why I find authors like Zig Ziglar & Brian Tracy so valuable as they understand proper mindset how to achieve and maintain it :-) I tend to be a bit of a pessimist so I listen to those guys daily :-)

It is all fine and dandy giving the same reply as Jon kickstarted this chat and probably any other reply is valid and it is cool to go with the flow and say "heck yeah lets gooo" and "go team B" for building brands and lists...

When at the end of the day only one or two or not even that will really do these things!

So my advice is for the newbies and the oldies...


In whatever you wanna get going!

  • I would start with engagement and get inspired and jump to content creation as soon as possible! Both things will help you build a brand and a following! The list will be a breeze!

  • Uncle Google and Auntie Youtube are your best friends for research and how to do certain things! Bring the MacGyver in you!

  • Embrace the suck! Even people with years of this still suck but they keep going anyway!

All these things only give results when you do something!

this comment is (not) sponsored by Nike


All the training and advice is worthless if we don't take action every single day.

This has been the best advice I have gotten from doing the CTP program.
Being consistent is huge. Also not having excuses has been a very powerful thing for me.
Excuses be gone!

Why is content creation the first thing you recommend? I do think it will help long run but I feel research and building a plan might be more important.

Documenting the journey while researching for example can be a good way to train writing skills.
At least it worked for me. Creating content here helped me build my voice and a following.
Thanks to that, people recognised my work and effort and CTP Blueprint wouldn't have the same impact last year when launched as it had if I didn't jump in creating content and be consistent showing up
Can be also a way to find your niche when you don't know how to build a plan still

I really like your passion, it is inspiring.

Love the disclaimer very clever. You should be a school teacher because even in the text you capture a person's attention. I literally heard your hands clapping in between the words. The bullet points are Gospel, I wish we could say 3Speak instead of YouTube but there really are things on YouTube that are not yet on 3Speak.
Nothing is enough unless we are taking daily consistent action, your words have been heard and absorbed.


I will try to keep adding these to the chats.
Some can be a good motivation for you!
I think Darren turns the videos down after a couple of days so this will be a test as well lol

Great contribution thank you :-)

Invest in your success and don't give up every two weeks when you don't see results immediately. You don't have to spend a fortune but if you don't have money to invest you will have to invest more time. At least to start out with.

Agreed. Once you make your decision to move forward. Commit with you time and lots of it if the funds are not available. It will pay off in the end especially here on the hive platform and CTPTalk.

Exactly David! I haven't ever been as committed to anything as I have been since Jon and Blain relaunched CTP and I came back here. It is all so common sense. Thanks for commenting! Happy New Month! 😀

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That is why I am a big believer that in the beginning or birth of your business you should do as much as you possibly can and delegate very little. Then as you build up capital, you can make an informed decision on what you should delegate and how much you are willing to pay.
In this way on your daily struggle, you can document by blogging and vlogging, sharing your trials and tribulations. :-)

Chris, I wasn't delegating more because I am a control freak and didn't realize I would just be able to tell people what I need and let them do their thing. And it helps to get recommendations from Jon and Blain for people they trust and who will do a good job. But yes, it is important to know and understand what you need first too and how to work it into your budget.

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I am approaching that point of delegate or fail. Being in Control is a personality trait we both share.

In may case, Chris, it's because when I was working in a job I never felt any sort of control at all. So now, I am taking it all back by working for myself. But that can be counter productive and cause more stress. So, I am happy that I listened to Jon and Blain and had someone create my logo and my intro and outro. I will be doing more of the delegating stuff going forward. Have a great day! 😀

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Been there, done that.
I am not giving up any more

Me either, Tom! Enjoy your day! 😀

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My advice would be: find your first customer before you perfect the product. Then you can figure out if you are building a product someone needs/wants.

"If you could give one piece of advice for a new person looking to start their online business, what would it be?"

Ready Fire Aim! and have a mentor.

Amen to that!

I totally agree with what everybody is saying here, yet my advice from where I find myself personally at this moment will be slightly different.

At this point in time, I would tell a new person to join a program such as Start Earning Today. That is what I have done. So far, I enjoyed learning about cryptocurrencies and everything that goes along with it. But if your strong point is marketing, through Start Earning Today you will also be exposed to Click Track Profit, where you will be learning everything about building your list, building your brand, and everything related to marketing.

I know, for myself to start taking things to the next level, I will have to start getting involved with more marketing and building my list. But now I know where to go. I suppose without realizing it, I have already started building my brand in some way, by engaging and creating content here on the blockchain.

Building your list? I don't have enough experience yet... But from my experience over the past year, join the above-mentioned programs. I did it and I got to know these people, I like them and I trust them. They will show you how to start your business and how to build your business. No hype, no pies in the sky. Just plain, practical steps to start your business and then build it with the support of a strong community.

So, that would be my suggestion...

It wouldn't be as fun if everyone had the same journey!
And that is also a good adventure!
Thank you for sharing!

My Advice
Brand yourself not another business.
Also, Slow and steady

Being consistent (slow and steady) will help you succeed.

Yes , one step at a time

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