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It's everyone's favorite time of the week....

It's the Q&A session for the CryptoManiacs Podcast!

And we're looking for your questions and comments for this weeks show.

Of course, we'll answer them on the show and of course, reward you for your time :)

Looking forward to engaging with you!


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My Hive upvote seem to be taking longer to power up and they are also using more power.
Can you talk about this. seems odd.

Is it recommendable to keep gathering tokens non-stop forever? I would love to make a passive income with them, but how do I recognize the right moment to begin taking profits from them? Thank you very much in advance!

I wanted to ask one thing on the topic of the metaverse, do you think there will be something similar to the email marketing inside the metaverse or those virtual world? Do you think there would be option to marketing the people inside those worlds?

Any news on Splinterlands now the airdrop ended?

How does Task see the recent interest rate rises affecting the Crypto markets/Hive?

With the recession freak out here in the US, can that have a positive impact on crypto?

What exactly is a "Hard Fork"?

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In your opinion, what is one thing off chain social marketing platforms do right that HIVE is not doing yet?

Hello maniacs!

Are you excited about the recent release of Threads? I am! What kind of impact do you expect Threads to have on LeoFinance and Hive as a whole?

I can't do any better than @jimmy.adames question. Not even going to try.