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We've had 8 amazing weeks so far, as ListNerds members, which is an extension of how amazing the HIVE blockchain is and the addition of the first ever blockchain mailer; adds to the excitement and let's face it - more than useful tool providing a path to awesome content on HIVE.

Within that excitement and the elevated click throughs, the incredible and positive word of mouth about ListNerds and the great results for many members; it's setting up to be a legendary inclusion to HIVE - when it's all said and done.

With the evident and immediate impact of the ListNerds platform, we can lose sight of some of the core thingsl it can provide and what it can do for your brand, content and whatever message you want to convey to the masses.


Getting your mails verified is something that we expect to accomplish and when it doesn't happen, we may get disillusioned and just like anything else; allow it to cloud our judgement.

Without question, we may take it personal.

For online marketers, who have been through the trenches; may be a bit more tolerant when it comes to the hits and misses of sending out a message.

Plenty of times and in our own experiences, have believed, what we are marketing is the next big thing and other's just don't have the same reaction to it or it's an oversaturated message that is lacking uniqueness; although it may be an amazing offer, product or service.

We may also fall into a false sense of security and believe that, because you have had a great streak of mails getting verified; that when one or two don't - you get that sense of being punched in the gut.

Yes, folks take it seriously.


I myself have had a great streak going, but there are some mails that didn't meet the verification level and guess what? that's ok; because I'm looking at the big picture.

I'm looking at a post like the one below, that I give MUCH of the credit to my ListNerds activity; despite it not getting verified.

Leveling Up with Micro Wins.png

Leveling Up with Micro Wins

The engagement was there.

I thoroughly believe that, because of my consistent activity on HIVE and using ListNerds just as consistently, has helped with my personal growth on this blockchain. Without question.

That is huge.


I know enough, that if I begin to see a trend of all or more of my messages not reaching the verification threshold or a downturn of activity on where I'm pointing my mails to; then it's time to begin tweaking, overhauling or simply replacing mails that are just not working well.

It comes with the territory of trying to keep relevant, creating content that brings people over and find the time to engage or at the very least give a vote or you doing the same.

OR accepting that folks will give two shits about me, my content or just that one post where it just doesn't catch someone's interest or they may be too busy or there are so many reasons to worry too much about it.

In my humble opinion, we need to put effort towards recognizing, sharing or interacting with other members and the community it's built on to enhance and maintain consistency in your positive verification average.

Also, it's important to realize that ListNerds 2.0 is just scratching the surface and there are still many HIVE members or new ListNerd members that are not on HIVE, that just don't know who we are or what our content means to us.

Those that have gotten to know me, know that I will post about my health and fitness journey and my daily OTF or running activities; as well as my fandom of ListNerds, my relationship with Tiffany, my off-chain email marketing efforts and of course how important the CTP universe and the people associated with it, is to me.

Ultimately, we have to be careful not to become too obsessed with the numbers and then forget about the human aspect; because at the end of the day - at least for me - it's the community as a whole that I rely on for my success.

Not as numbers, but as individuals who have given of their time to come by and interact with me, to give me upvotes, to provide constructive criticism and to just show interest in my stories.

The numbers, the verifications, your crypto growth will grow, if you stay the course.


Don't get me wrong, I've reacted a time or two where I've had verified emails that included a downvote or two and get a defensive twitch in my gut; but ultimately - I will pivot and tweak accordingly if it becomes a trend.

That is the online marketer in me. I roll with the punches, I test, I track and I make changes or just go with the flow and feel things out and it will fall into place; as long as I make any necessary changes.

For non-online marketers it's a similar approach. You want folks to react positively to your post or at least engage with it, give you upvotes both on the HIVE and ListNerds; there will be messages that are just not clicking with the reader and if it becomes a consistent thing - the numbers will tell you or better yet, your relationship building will.



I continue to still hang by a thread at #1 on the ListNerds Richlist, but now @thisismylife is hot on my heels:

ListNerds RICHLIST 03.14.22.png


I had another solid 7 days with a few that may make verification:

03.07.22 - 03.14.22

03.07.22 - 03.14.22.png

With the previous week and beginning of the month doing very well for me:

03.01.22 - 03.06.22

03.1.22 - 03.06.22.png


I'm an upgraded member and use the following services:



Damn! @thisismylife made it atop! I am happy to see you two doing so well!

Lol, @jimmyadames is top dog!
But it's still nice to be there :)
We have cake for those joining us!

I'm just warming up the seat for you @thisismylife 😜

Lol, what kind of seat is that? I hope a throne :) lolol


Most definitely @thisismylife

You didn’t think I meant?


Hahhahaha that would have been horrible! :)

Thanks @amirtheawesome1 🙏🏼

Well I am still coming for that number 1 spot! lol



p.s. I am reading this blog post because I found it on ListNerds.

@bradleyarrow Im losing ground quick 🤪 It’s all good - the more the merrier 🤘🏽


@jimmy.adames! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (2/30)

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You are so right, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers, but at the end of the day community is definitely where it's at! Don't get me wrong, I SQUEE when I log into Listnerds and see a payout for a verified email, as it means that all of my hard work has paid off, but it's important for me to be mindful and not get too caught up in that.

Your attitude of humility and for-growth for the right reasons perspective is awesome! I am still in elation-mode over just how many new people Listnerds has brought to my blog and into my life. And it's posts like this that help me not beat myself up over not getting out two emails a day somedays, or just staying the course and doing my thing instead of getting caught up in unhealthy mindsets.

Excellent post sir! !PIZZA

Absolutely @generikat 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank You

You can chill my friend, as I won't be able to move you from the first spot as the difference is too big. I was too late to the enterprise party I guess :)
but a good second spot is nice too! Now you can relax lol

@thisismylife look behind you 👀 there are more coming 🤪


I know, some of my team members are going to be higher in a few weeks as well lol. So let's welcome them with cake!

Dude? Where did she come from, I didn't even see her in the rearview mirror and out of nowhere there @thisismylife shows up in second place!😅

She’s - @thisismylife - not playin’ @beststart 🤪

haha, VROOOOOM :P well, don't worry it will be second place at best :)

LOL, you guys make me laugh!

Man, every time I read these posts, I get more and more excited about ListNerds lol

Imagine that, I may be biased but still lol

💪🏽🐝 @jongolson - I know the feeling.

I am beginning to change my whole outlook about the numbers. While it is nice to see favorable results from our activity, in the long run it is more important to build relationships. If that comes in smaller numbers at some point, so what? I'm in this for the long haul and would rather reach fewer, more active contacts in order to increase the likelihood of a longer, ongoing relationship. These types of connections are much more desirable (for both parties) than a higher number of one-time responses.


@theroad2freedom 🤘🏽

Love this post, very encouraging!

there are some mails that didn't meet the verification level and guess what? that's ok; because I'm looking at the big picture.

This is a huge reminder - we have to look at the big picture. My posts are getting more comments and interactions than ever before, and that' really the point, right? As more people join listnerds, the audience reach will increase and so will the variety of prospects.

In my humble opinion, we need to put effort towards recognizing, sharing or interacting with other members and the community it's built on to enhance and maintain consistency in your positive verification average.

in my opinion, Hive (and by extention ListNerds) is about building a name. Yes content is important, engagement and interaction is critical, but what it all adds up to is a name. I find that I'm more likely to verify a mail (I only have 3 per day) if it's a name I'm familiar with. Steady content, good attitude, etc. Same with auto-votes and curation trails.

Had I understood that back in May 2017 when I joined, I would have chosen a better name than @ironshield. But any name can be a good name, with the right content and interactions behind it! My handel could be @donteverupvotemeever and it could still be successful!

Congrats on being the #1 LISTNERD. Where being a NERD is COOL!!!!

Thank You 🙏🏼 @ironshield and I remember that username for sure 😎👍🏽

Listnerds is really a great addition to Hive. It is a nice part of the Hive economy that is forming.

We are all here to grow and expand things. Listnerds is a great addition. Looking forward to see what the team plans the next couple months.

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Onward and Upward for sure @taskmaster4450le

From a base level, I think you need to send out mail to more people to get verified. At least from my most recent mail, I didn't think it would drop off so much. So I wonder if it's just because there are more people or if some people aren't coming back anymore.

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I believe it's more people @jfang003 (not a bad thing). I could be wrong. But I know, that the high numbers (high click thru, verification, etc) we were experiencing was bound to go down. It's inevitable. We all as content creators and the CTP team have to put in the extra effort to continue keeping folks coming and responding to our messages.

With that said, the higher level membership will allow for more mails and activity for those not upgraded as high will have more of an advantage to send out more.

Not everyone can do go higher, so they have to send out when they get their next opportunity to do so; but the CTP team has added the extra incentives and I think that has definitely brought in more active folks (again, not a bad thing).

Activity is there, but also how much your message gets attention will require more effort from those sending out the messages. At least in my opinion.

You better get busy Jimmy. @thisismylife is catching you. LOL

Haha, the difference between his and my stake is too big, can't get ahead of that :)

Smart upgrade if you ask me mate
Great job @jimmy.adames
Have the best week ahead buddy

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Likewise @benthomaswwd 🤘🏽 Thank You!

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work


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