Great Review of the 1st Two Modules in CTP Lessons -- Day 1 Tasks Completed

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Hi there! Just completed the tasks for Day 1 of the #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge presented by Click Track Profit! The challenge is designed for community members to take action and get results in our online businesses.
There are 3 tasks to complete each day, one in Click Track Profit, One in List Nerds, and one in Plus 1 Success.

I have added the post from @jongolson from today that explains it in more detail:

The tasks will only take about 10 minutes on average to complete each day although today being the first day took a bit longer because it is an orientation to what will be going on for the rest of the challenge.

Today's tasks were as follows:
Click Track Profit: Because there are going to be many people joining this challenge who are new to CTP, the first task was an overview of what it is all about. So, we watched all the videos in the first two modules of the lessons section. I watched all of them because it has been awhile and the review was well worth the time.

One of the things I had forgotten about was how to get the code for the forms that get added to your lead capture pages so the lesson on forms in the Tutorials module was super helpful to see again. Just one example of course.

In List Nerds, Business Members, are allowed to set up all their emails for the week and they get sent automatically without having to log in everyday. It also means that you don't have to click on links in other members emails to get credits for mailing. I have been a Business Member for some time so my emails were already set up. Might be making some tweaks in the next few days though.

Finally for Plus 1 Success our task for today was to show appreciation for someone in the community who has helped you.
Today's shoutout goes to @jongolson because he is allowing me time at the end of the Crypto Monday livestream tonight to get on camera and do my first drawing for the winner of the #My1440Mug. I will be doing a drawing every month on the 15th or close to it.

Have a great rest of your day! See you on Crypto Monday tonight at 8 p.m. EST on the Click Track Profit Facebook Page. :-)

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I did not understand the process or the initiative very well, I use a translator to understand. But I wish you much success in your daily tasks and I hope you manage to complete all the tasks. @lisamgentile1961

Thank you for stopping by and commenting with your good wishes, @soyunasantacruz. There is a link in the description from a post by @jongolson that explains the challenge and how it works. Did you see it? Here it is if you're interested to learn more:

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thanks for the information and tokens, I will check it out.😘

Good Morning, @soyunasantacruz! You're very welcome. Glad to hear that! It's a good boost for forming positive habits. Enjoy your day!😀

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