Writer's Block on the Blockchain

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Hello CTP Community,

It is a pleasure to write this post.

I have been a light poster for the past year, and when I do post, it is usually through the leofinance interface.

But I am a CTP Staker.

And I love this community.

And I like to check in exclusively here every once in a while. Especially when I am getting ready to make "big" moves. Like making sure my CTP stake doubles from 5000CTP to 10,000CTP

Today I'd like to discuss my self imposed Writers Block

I have had too much to say lately,which has lead to having too many words, which is sometimes worse than having no words.

I have been giving myself rules

find a niche topic and stick to it

I have been concentrating on outward facing content

don't write for the HIVE audience, write for the audience you want to bring to HIVE

Which has lead me to not write at all...

I've been hard on myself regarding things I am already having "supposed to have been doing"

If you'd have stuck to your newsletter, it would have people on it already

I have been giving myself imposter syndrome

Which is why I messaged @misslasvegas about writing about manifesting, and then didn't...

But I have learned that the best thing about writer's block

Especially the one I suffer from, where I have too much, and no direction, is when you find your direction.

Do I still want to write niche blogs?

Yes! And I will grab my journal and start writing them out, one by one today. Leofinance is going to love them, and so am I!

Do I still want to write outward facing content?
Of course! But its silly to stop writing anything at all, just cause you aren't doing it "right"

Done is better than perfect after all.

You will always have ZERO readers on posts you don't publish.

Am I going to start that newsletter?

Of course! And I am going to practice sending Newsletters out weekly by using the Listnerds system as rewarding practice point.

Am I going to write about manifesting?

You bet your butt, and it won't be the first time I do.

Screenshot 20220526 11.44.35.png

Excerpt from a different blockchain project, where I shared intuitive messages.

When I get stuck on my manifestations or when I feel like I have a block, I remind myself of what my goal is.

My goal is to tokenize my life, and teach others how to do the same so that we may all easily say: "I make money being me."

Abundance for all.

My super power is writing. Its silly of me to stop sharing it just because I am giving myself rules on the "how" of it all.


Here from Listnerds! You asked about a picture uploading tutorial :)

There's a longwinded one here... but the simple way to do it IMO is to open up the 'source' editor when you're making an email. You can pop in simple HTML code without going through all the embedding motions. But if you're not comfy in HTML then that guide should suffice!

And yes, the best way to kill writer's block is to start writing ;)
The 750/day challenge or even freewriting can snap it. Key is to get those fingers hitting keys!

Good luck!

Thank you for the guide.

Simple and HTML aren't really synonymous to me. I am not very good at it know very few commands.

I will surely look into the link.

You're welcome! If my emailer on LN wasn't on countdown I'd go grab the code for easy copy pasting, but alas.

I think it's good to write about what you enjoy and are passionate about. If you focus on filling an audience niche, it can work out a few times, but maybe long term it won't be fulfilling. Just my 2cents.

I tend to agree with you. Write what you love and then its not work.


When I "work" and focus my writing, I find that I tend to have bigger payouts.

oh thats a good conundrum! what to do in this situation!? lol

I know there is more then this but here is one post about putting images in emails on Listnerds.


If you scroll through her old posts she has done posts on just about everything covering Listnerds.

Thank you!

You offer really good advice and tips. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment :)

Awesome job realising you have a problem and finding a solution around it.
Now you can move forward and level up look forward to seeing your newsletter in Listnerds.
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Thank you for the visit, and the encouragement.

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Done is better than perfect after all.

You will always have ZERO readers on posts you don't publish.

These are pearls of wisdom, @metzli.
Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Writing is like bleeding, just cut yourself and you´ll be bleeding words

Writers block is a crazy feeling to have, nice that you came up with a solution.

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You're welcome @metzli, you deserve it well! Thanks for being so active here 😊🌹


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