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RE: Tokens On My Radar | What's That Token All About? ... Bite 2

in The CTP Swarm2 months ago

Finally, I bought 100 DHEDGE at 0.06199776 per token. Just want to test how this token works. Thanks!


You're welcome!
I really don't think you'll be disappointed for sure. Just remember this is passive income & every little drip counts.


This is great! I just received my daily DHEDGE drip for 8 tokens based on 100 DHEDGE I bought yesterday. Soon I will add more.


I glad you like the outcome and that is what happens everyday!


Yeah, really thankful for the info you shared. Perhaps I already stumbled with #DHEDGE before, but it's only now that it caught my attention.


Sometimes we do that, we see something new and either pass it up of say we'll get back to later and never do. Glad I could bring to the light for you.


Added 50 more last night. Thinking of reaching even just 1k as my initial goal.


Sounds great!

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