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Today We're Talking Income Tokens!

When I look at income tokens for me it's not just about what else I can do with these tokens, I mainly look at the fact that these tokens will passively grow my portfolio. In light of that I want to hodl as many of each of these as possible.


The 'WHY' is really simple. If a token can grow any other token, I want it. It doesn't just have to grow my Hive. Some tokens grow other tokens of interest. The more you hodl, the more you earn!!

Let's Take A Look At My Income Tokens....

Most of these tokens cahnge a little everyday from the drips I get from other tokens. There are some that require my participation in an activity like delegating in order to see a difference. Than there are those that just drip Hive.

SPI, INDEX, & LBI are all tokens that require you to buy them if you want to increase your tokens or drips. Spi & Lbi we'll talk details in the future, I know it's more to them than just holding & staking. I have give myself a refresher since I haven't gotten any in a while. The Index token we'll get into in a few but first I want to finish going over the chart.

COM & LIST are tokens from The Hive Hustlers Community and they both are great tokens to hold. I get COM from staking HUSTLER dollars, LIST from holding COM. LIST mines more COM & COM drips other tokens besides LIST. So I guess LIST is really a miner token. I learned that there is so much more to this token today & it's so much that I will have to do an elaborate piece on this at a later date.

UTOPIS was a great income producer where you earned dividends for staking. Unfortunately, it has run it's course and is ending. So I unstaked my UTOPIS and sold it off but apparently I still have a litle and I won't sell until I'm sure it is no longer giving earnings.

CL is another token that earnings are based on what you have staked. There is a little more to CL but I haven't been very involved so I have a little more catching up to do before I can give a clear description of what's going on with this token.

BRO All you got to do is hold bro in your wallet and you earn. This is another token that I need to follow up on to get more specifics cause I do know there is more to this token then I can say here.

BXT I know very little about this token but have received info that it does drip you a little hive. More research & understanding is required on my part. I had this token on my 'Not of Interest' list but found that the info I received sparked an interest as it is an income token.

INDEX & DHEDGE These 2 tokens have similarities in the way that they drip a number of other tokens into your wallet. These are 2 of the tokens I know a little more about than the others so I am placing my conetration on these today.

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Really named Discohedge with DHEDGE as it's ticker name has been around for a few years now and has shown amazing growth potential. This is a discord managed fund that gives daily drips of various tokens and is isued by @taskmanager and has a wbesite on Discord. Be sure to join in for up to date info and more than I can give you.

You only need to hodl 10 DHEDGE to get a ahare of the daily payouts. Of course the more you hold, the more you get..... to my surprise with just 308 I amd #97 on their of the top 100 Holders, but that will be changing soon. Should I reach the 10,000 DHEDGE it would get me in the top 10.

They do put out a 'Daily Report' & here's todays for August 5, 2022.

Now let's talk about what holding DHEDGE gets you......

On a daily basis dripped to may wallet are the following tokens...

  1. HIVE
  3. GAMER
  5. BRO

That's 8 tkens that I get a little more each day. This is way I love DHEDGE & want more of it. And you can get your share too!

Buy DHEDGE on Hive-Engine


The INDEX token to me is the next best thing to HIVE! Now excuse my boldness but I am a little biased here.... Named the 'HE-INDEX' with ticker name 'INDEX' is a token created by the owners of the CTP Community, a community that is not only caring & supportive, but also the reason I'm here on Hive. I'll save all those stories for some other posts.

Here's What we're here for.....
  • The HE-Index is 100% backed by the tokens it represents.
  • It is regularly review for all the top performing tokens within Hive-Engine and they select the top tokens to represent the INDEX token.
  • For every INDEX purchased, a weight is given to the individual tokens represented, INDEX then purchases the corresponding weight of each token.
  • There are no mining tokens, swap tokens or governance tokens inside the INDEX.
  • 80% of all rewards (mining and curation) are paid to INDEX holders based on the percentage of total tokens they hold
  • 10% is used to purchase miners of tokens represented in the INDEX
  • 10% is used for admin fee's
  • Rewards are paid out automatically once a day.

All the info in the bullets are take directly from the website.

What Tokens Do I Get For Holding INDEX?

The INDEX holds about 25 different tokens but here's what I see on a regular basis in my wallet.....

  1. ENTRY
  2. DEC
  4. SIM
  5. STEM
  6. GAMER
  7. CTP
  8. POB
  9. LEO

Thas't 9 more token drips into my wallet. And yes I did say that INDEX holds about 25 tokens and yes I'm only seeing drips of 9 tokens, so why the difference? That's a question for the owners of INDEX to explain. However, you can look at the tokens they are backed by here and to see what their holdings are, check here.

They also have a 'Richlist' which shows the 'Top 50 Holders' where I'm sitting at #26 and when I reach my goal of 100,000 INDEX I'll be sitting pretty at the top!

Screenshot 7578.png

They also have a page where you can check your
'Rewards' and see not only how many you hold but also what's the percentage of you stake. Now this can change from day to day as things change but it's pretty accurate.

Screenshot 7579.png

But INDEX on Hive-Engine


Now I ain't no PRO & I'm surely ain't NO FINANCIAL ADVISOR...... I just like what I'm doing and want to share this info with you. BE WARNED that this is an investment of your time and maybe your money & I am in no way obligated to you or anyone else as to the results you get from the info in this and any other of my posts. I bare NO RESPONSIBLITY to you or any of the tokens & their providers. DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE!

Thanks for reading & following along!!

See Ya next post!!

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All other pics are my own or screenshots I took.


Great job stacking.
BXT is paying out a portion of the fees generated by the site Bee Swap.

Yes I read that piece of info and that's what made me add it to my list. And the thing is that it pays in Hive.

you are right, knowledge is power. Thanks for the run-down of these passive income tokens. DHEDGE is my biggest holding right now.

I have a couple of income tokens that are a bit higher the DHEDGE but I want to grow it even more.


DHEDGE will now start providing daily upvotes for holders. Im interested to see how this works, but looks like another great benefit similar to the BRO token!

That's an interesting tidbit I didn't know. Thanks! Definitely has my interest too.


Curious about DHEDGE. I will try it and see how it goes.


DHEDGE is a great token and the thing is not only can yo buy it but it is also dripped from a couple of other tokens.


Thanks for the info!

Finally, I bought 100 DHEDGE at 0.06199776 per token. Just want to test how this token works. Thanks!

You're welcome!
I really don't think you'll be disappointed for sure. Just remember this is passive income & every little drip counts.


This is great! I just received my daily DHEDGE drip for 8 tokens based on 100 DHEDGE I bought yesterday. Soon I will add more.


I glad you like the outcome and that is what happens everyday!


Yeah, really thankful for the info you shared. Perhaps I already stumbled with #DHEDGE before, but it's only now that it caught my attention.


Sometimes we do that, we see something new and either pass it up of say we'll get back to later and never do. Glad I could bring to the light for you.


Added 50 more last night. Thinking of reaching even just 1k as my initial goal.


Sounds great!

Hey @rzc24-nftbbg, here is a little bit of BEER from @successchar for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Thank you for your information on all the tokens, SuccessChar.
Wow, there are alot of them!
This is all making more sense the more I read about it.
Have a great day evening!

You're Welcome!
The funny thing is I don't know where a lot of the came from. However, I'm glad I can make some sense of them for you.


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