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RE: Stablizing Your Portfolio in a Bull-run

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That’s a well thought out view for sure! I too am starting to stabilize with some stablecoins myself. My trick is with my larger caps is to ‘little old lady out’. Meaning like 25% at a time. If you use something like Nexo, Blockfi, where I make 8-10% or now CubFinance where I have like 4.5k in a stablecoin farm making me over 120%! So stablecoins are not a bad play at all.


I've been using Nexo since 2018. Besides, I'm planning to move some stable coins to CUB Den. Btw, Binance gives additional %10+ APR for stable pairs as incentive. You claim BNB for providing liquidty. Nice one imo ^^

Thanks for your valuable comment 😌

No problem! Yeah I have a chunk in the USDT/BUSD LP farm and it is making me 122%. Loving it! I love Nexo because of the collateral factor. I have used to to leverage my money to build @hivelist, and purchase and rebuild @hivehustlers. Now I am leveraging the USD to supply my Cub farm and paying it back as I go along... then I will repeat when the original capital is paid back. I really can’t find a better investment right now... lol. Certainly not in real estate or the stock market! You only live once! Lol!

If we test below $3 in CUB price, I'll use collateral as you mentioned. Thanks for the brilliant idea ^^


For sure. I kept most of mine in stablecoins and did get a little cub and then some BNB. But yeah, think of it like real estate, with way better liquid returns, lol.