The Daily Meme #51! Do your part to help end the fed!

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Swap out of your fednotes, while you still can.

Even just cashing them into change helps.
The fed buys coins from the treasury at face value.

The benefits of this are manifest.

You hold value that otherwise would be propping up the fed.
The coins are united states money, not debt backed fiat currency, but backed by us all.
If the monetary collapse does happen, the last person that can still make change wins.

Do you want to buy a one ounce of silver chicken, or buy from the person that can still give back change?

The nice thing about coins is they are too heavy to be worth stealing.

If you need to, you can melt wax onto the change in your jar, and then it will sure 'nuff be too heavy to steal.
The added work of melting off the wax will discourage all but the most energetic of thieves.

But wait, there's more!

You will be doing your part to put the squeeze the banks.
They have to come up with the dollars to finance the coins you hold.
If you can't hold silver coins, then hold regular coins prioritizing pre-1982 pennies, and nickels, their melt value is highest.




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You are getting warm but there are too many central banks. It will be like whack a mole. Who created the central banking system? Who controls it and uses it to the rest of the worlds demise? Who is the eternal victim that you can never accuse?

If we begin to use crypto in our daily commerce central banks will be irrelevant.

If we keep working, but stop paying, we can just ignore them until we get tired of their attacks.

@hive-dr discord misses you. This guy helped me see the real battle. I miss you guys but dont miss the fake war on spam. This is just a mini version of life where the money guys rule and the workers get shit!

That will change a bunch with hf25.
Hive will be more egalitarian than steem ever could be.

I dont know about that. I just see most of the same old worthless top witnesses here. Its hive token politics not quality skilled devs in charge. The same greedy failures that allowed everyone to get burned are in charge here. Don't see how a different result can come from the same worthless leaders?

The politics have changed dramatically, perhaps some hearts will change, as well.

Not just the fed you need to end though buddy. IMF and world bank too.
IMF seem to be the ones funding the current tyranny. All central banksters need ending.

Keep working, stop paying!

Have you read Beware the World to Come

"Over two thousand years ago the self-styled "Sons of Light" declared war on the seventy nations of the world, whom they call the "Sons of Darkness". Hundreds of millions of lives have been lost in this conflict. The Sons of Light believe the contest will only be won when they utterly exterminate the Sons of Darkness. It will never be lost as long as one of the Sons of Light remains to carry on the fight. The war is mostly fought through deception. Only the Sons of Light know that they are engaged in this endless battle. The Sons of Darkness see the bodies piling up, but search in vain for their enemy, who is as subtle and sly as a holy serpent. Ultimate victory will mean the conquest of the entire Earth. It is close at hand for the Sons of Light. But the war continues and either side may yet win. If the Sons of Light are discovered, all of humanity will be saved. Within this book the battle plans and beliefs of the Sons of Light are revealed for the first time for all to see. The Sons of Light have tricked the Sons of Darkness into worshiping Satan, whom they believe is an androgyne composed of the demons Lilith and Samael. The gods of the Sons of Light are also androgynous. Their names are Ein Sof, Shekinah and Yahweh. The Sons of Light are planning to create a Utopia when all is won and all is lost. In it, every human being will be a perfect hermaphrodite with two faces. They will also be immortal and have no need to endure the pain of the cycle of birth, life and death, so there will be no more children and no more death. All the silver, gold and treasure will be theirs and technology will provide their robotic slaves. Since the Sons of Light are all righteous, and since the Sons of Darkness will have passed away together with their dark gods, divine light, peace and harmony will rule the Earth for one thousand years after which all will be complete."

The bankers are just one little plank in their genocidal plan.

No I must admit to have never hearing about this before.
Banksters fund both sides of every war so I have never trusted banks. Any chance I get to legally extract money from them I take and not pay it back. In the UK that was easy as only 1 repayment showed an intention to pay and any legal forms signed become a gentleman's agreement like a handshake so can not be prosecuted :-) That includes credit cards.

2 more books to read coming from your side of the ocean. From Yahweh to Zion Clash of Civilization.
"Who is Yahweh? Where did he come from? How did this jealous, vengeful, exclusivist god shape the destiny of his chosen people? Can we trace a direct connection, through twenty-five centuries, linking the cult of Yahweh to contemporary Zionism?It all starts with the Old Testament, the ur-text for any serious inquiry into the Jewish question. That book more correctly known as the Torah does not simply recount the history of a people. It gives the children of Israel the keys to their divinely-ordained destiny. It was Jacob, son of Isaac, who returned from exile and took the name Israel: a name inherited by the whole Jewish people long before it designated a nation-state. That single name unites the patriarch, the people, and the promised land.The history of the Jewish people is intertwined with the history of humanity. What role did Jews play in the fall of Byzantium? How have they influenced the Christian church? What role did they play in the two terrible European civil wars of the first half of the twentieth century Yahweh's people has always lived apart from the rest of humanity, endlessly reproducing the same Biblical schema: the Babylon captivity, the flight from Egypt, the Book of Esther. This psychological template for the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob unites them, alone against the world, from the vengeance holiday of Purim to the sacralized memory of the Holocaust. Even the creation of the modern nation-state of Israel has had no effect on the invisible walls of the Jewish prison.This book is not just a scholarly inquiry into the history of an idea. It is also an appeal to our Jewish brothers and sisters to liberate themselves from a mythology that imprisons them in a schizophrenic relationship to the world. Alternately a chosen people and a cursed people, a people carrying a divine message and a people who kill the divine messengers, eternal guides to humanity and its eternal victims: To be born Jewish is to be born beneath the heavy weight of 2,500 years of history."

"Our God is Your God Too, But He Has Chosen Us": Essays on Jewish Power
by Laurent Guyénot
"David Ben-Gurion once declared that, “there can be no worthwhile political or military education about Israel without profound knowledge of the Bible.” If that statement is true for the Israeli leadership—and Benjamin Netanyahu would certainly not contradict it—, then it is also true for any serious analyst: there can be no real understanding of Israel, its history and its geopolitical agenda without profound knowledge of the Bible.The Hebrew Tanakh is not just the inspiration for Zionism. It is the single root connecting all expressions of Jewishness. Its core ideology is encapsulated in Yahweh, the national god of the Israelites, who by the Mosaic Covenant promised his people domination over the nations on the condition of separateness. It was not before the Babylonian Exile that Yahweh was promoted as the Supreme God of humankind—who happens to have chosen one nation. Christianity and Islam’s submission to that preposterous claim has become the source of enormous symbolic power—despite the equally nonsensical counterclaim that the Jews have lost the election. Yahweh’s impersonation of God is perhaps the most devastating deception ever played on the human race. The sociopathic personality of the Old Testament divinity has ultimately ruined God’s reputation and led to Western godlessness. In these ten essays originally published on the Unz Review, Laurent Guyénot reflects on the Jewish God, the Jewish People, and the Jewish State. Laurent Guyénot is a graduate engineer from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (Paris), with a Master in Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Medieval history. He has already published in English JFK-9/11: 50 years of Deep State (2014), and From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land … Clash of Civilizations (2018).
This one takes it a little deeper. I read all three. I have denounced all religion. I now am free for the first time in my life.

I read a theory once that the Alleged Jewish people did not come from Israel at all. So the Zionist state should not in fact exist.
And it is written By a Jewish man in Israel.

"DNA Science Introduces Stark Reality"
nice link I used to follow Tex Mars but he is one of the Prophecy nuts....... I quit following him. Looks like he woke a bit.

The tech is turning against them and that is why they are escalating into the endgame. They are exposed and should be brought to justice. They want world government run by Jews from Jerusalem. The plan is to destroy even themselves. They think all flesh including themselves are tainted/mixed with devils and must be removed before the world can be repaired.
Have you heard of the laws they are having all countries pass?

Government puppets have been towing the line. But that ends soon. The IMF called for a "new Bretton woods" and it fell on deaf ears last year, why? Because for the first time in 300 to 400 years they can rid themselves of Rothschild's central banksters and make their own digital cash within a year. China already has the digital Yuan that they did a lottery for last year.

This is a banking war of reform going on. And the winner is, Who knows for now.

I can not see anyone wanting to work themselves out of a job or position of power in government via mass genocide, They would have nobody left to make their cars, food or wipe their ass and pay tax to keep them in the "established position they have" This is indeed a very complex game being played on a global scale. I expect the established banksters will lose.

I dont perceive those inbred idiots can pull it off. They will surely self destruct, how much stupid can they sell before it comes back and bites them in their own ass? I was just blown away by the facts I was unaware of. I had no clue this is what was happening.

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