Dcrops Game: 100 NFT's Giveaway Round-3 13 OCT Draw Winner (2nd Draw)

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Hello farmers.

Dcrops game's 100 nft's giveaway round-3 is live now. every dcrops farmer can win a seed or land nft by just joining blockchain gaming and dcrops community. round-3 will be live for 20 day's and 20 nft's will be given away to the blockchain gaming and dcrops community members.everyone is free to join giveaway.


Eligibility criteria

  • Join blockchain gaming community and dcrops community.
  • Comment my any post about dcrops giveaway.
  • Follow me (for all my giveaway update's)

Read post about 100 nft's giveaway round-3 Click here.

Round-3 giveaway participants.


We have 3 new giveaway participants please say welcome to @engrtons @zonadigital21 @ijat. thank you all who joined blockchain gaming and dcrops community.

13 OCT draw result.

The winner is @mcgilli



NFT has been transfer to @mcgilli Congratulations.


NOTE: I have full right to stop giveaway or change terms and conditions anytime without any notice.

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Congrats to @mcgilli

Congratulations to the winners.

count me in, and have a slice of !PIZZA

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good luck everyone!

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Congratulations to @mcgilli!

Just wanted to mention that both @kenny-crane and @kennybot are both my accounts and although I hold CROP tokens in both, maybe you want to have just one of my accounts eligible in any future contests. Just trying to be fair and honest. :)

En este juego soy nuevo , ayer sembre algunos Vegetales en mi tierra a ver que puedo cosechar , tengo mucho por aprender del juego un saludo para todos y feliz dia

Greetings dear friends, I am always looking forward to the drawings, congratulations to the winner, keep up the excellent work.

See you later, have a great week

Count me i for the giveaway! !PIZZA

I hope I will be the next winner.