E89 Aqua Stripes Guitar/An Epic Instrument

Hola, Rockstars! Bitcoin is trading at 15K, and Hive is rocking at 0.32 cents.

E89 Aqua Stripes Guitar/An Epic Instrument


" ".It has 'go faster stripes" handy for speed metal. "

Fans: Zero
Skills: Zero
Luck: 150
Income Modifier: Zero

An Epic NFT with a total supply of 500. Five hundred cards are distributed. The market value is pretty good.


Let's move on to our Card Packs and see what we get this time.

3 Card combo pack 1


It gave us MC Cazz Rapper. MC Cazz is out on the razz with her good friend Shazz💙. Then, we got two other cards, Barry and Budget Shakers. So we got rare & common cards 😍. Together, they gave 55 fans, 210 skills, +9 luck, and +3 IM.

3 Card combo pack 2

Let's open another card pack and see if we are lucky. Seven legendary cards we got from the card packs.


We added Kendal. Married to a Touring Coach, needed for touring a country but a bit of a 'Gas Guzzler"😘. Budget Shakers and Retro Desk Mic. Have 550 fans, zero skills, +9 luck & +3 IM.

3 Card combo pack 3


It is excellent to have Alan. Want to work out with Alan or will you parson that? 💙 We got Plum Bass and Frozen 50W. We got rare & common cards: 150 fans, 75 skills, +9 luck, and +2 IM.

3 Card combo pack 4


It is superb to collect Ivespino. When Ivespino's on a flow, you'll see his confidence grow😘. Budget Shakers and Plum Bass. 125 fans, 75 skills, +9 luck & +2 IM.

3 Card combo pack 5


What a lovely addition to Rain Stick. Not very useful as an umbrella, but it will have you singing in a downpour🍀. We also got RS Mini and Rattle Drum.

Fans: Zero
Skills: Zero
Luck: 65
Income Modifier IM: Zero

3 Card combo pack 6 to 12


This is it for today, Rock Stars. I'll be sharing more. Thank you for reading & supporting me. Much appreciate your love. Rock On!


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