R276 Donald/A Rare Instrument

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R276 Donald/A Rare Instrument


". "Making musicians great again. "

Fans: 150
Skills: 75
Luck: +4
Income Modifier: +2

A Rare NFT with a total supply of 10000. Ten thousand cards are distributed. The market value is pretty good.


Let's move on to our Card Packs and see what we get this time.

3 Card combo pack 1


It gave us Little Bully. It's best to stand up to these.💙 We added Tyrone and RS200 Floor Monitor. Together, they gave ten fans, zero skills, 55 luck, and zero IM.

3 Card combo pack 2

Let's open another card pack and see if we are lucky. Seven legendary cards we got from the card packs.


We added Burning Guitar. Ok, this got a bit out of control.😘 Jew's Harp and Jock. Have +5 fans, +5 skills, 60 luck & zero IM.

3 Card combo pack 3


It is excellent to have Peter. It used to charge on a meter.💙 We got Marcia and Marcia. We got rare & common cards: 110 fans, 120 skills, +4 luck, and +2 IM.

3 Card combo pack 4


It is superb to collect Bernie. Surname: "Tows." He likes to walk on hot coals: sixty fans, 175 skills, 11 luck & +6 IM.

3 Card combo pack 5


What a lovely addition to Privatblog. May the Wellerman come soon to bring us music, tea, and rum.🍀 We also got RS Gigger and Marcia.

Fans: 205
Skills: 160
Luck: 11
Income Modifier IM: +5

3 Card combo pack 6 to 12


This is it for today, Rock Stars. I'll be sharing more. Thank you for reading & supporting me. Much appreciate your love. Rock On!


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