Sharing My Battle Weekly challenge! SHADOW SNITCH

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Hello Splinterlandsers!

Today I want to share my battle for weekly challenge! SHADOW SNITCH.
This is my First Post of about this weekly challenge, SHADOW SNITCH.

Image Source Credit : Splinterlands


  • Edition: CHAOS LEGION
  • Rarity: COMMON
  • Element: DEATH
  • Attack: MELEE
  • Abilities: Reach



Shadow Snitches are created by the conjurers of the Chaos Legion. Weaving Death magic, they breathe life into beings made completely of darkness. The purpose of the Shadow Snitches is to be deployed into lands prior to the Chaos Legion's invasion. Moving from shadow to shadow, they are listeners and watchers, feeding information back to the Chaos Legion.

But once the invasion is complete, the Shadow Snitches still serve a purpose. They can locate and follow high-value targets, reporting back on movements to Chaos Legion leadership. If needed, Shadow Snitches can also capture prisoners and bring them back for interrogation.


Battle Rule

  • Standard : No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.
  • Mana Cost 24
  • Allow Summoner : All Elements.


Battle Rule is very nice because we can use all Elemental Summoners. Mana Cost is appropriate.

So I have to choose Lineup carefully. I think the opposing team is likely to use with the Fire Summoner or Earth Summoner.




  • Reason for Picking: In this battle, He is a good Summoner for appropriate mana cap battles. I chose to use the powerful Death Elements. THADDIUS BROOD use the abilities : -1 speed and -1 Health for enemy team monsters. His ability is Very support in battles.



First Position Mini Tank: CARRION SHADE

  • Reason for Picking: CARRION SHADE
    (Mana cost 1, speed 2, Melee attack 1, no shield and lives 2, with no ability).

It is a Common card of Death Units.

In this battle ,

I want to use him as a damage reducer for enemy team's first round attacks.

I guess , It is suitable for this battle.


Second Position: Main Tank : CURSED WINDEKU

  • Reason for Picking: CURSED WINDEKU

( Mana cost 6, Speed 3, Melee attack 2 and lives 9) .

I use him for second tank( Main tank ).
His "Thorns" ability is good effect. It gives to the team as an advantage. His speed and attack is good and strong with his health 9.


Third Position: SHADOW SNITCH : Theme Card

  • Reason for Picking: SHADOW SNITCH

( Mana cost 4, Speed 1, Reach(Melee) attack 1 and lives 5 ).

He is a good supporter of back row attacker.

I choose him as a supporter for my back team.

His "Reach" ability is very support in my battles.
I like his position attacks.


Fourth Position: SILENT SHA-VI

  • Reason for Picking: SILENT SHA-VI

( Mana cost 5, Speed 3, Melee attack 2 and lives 5 ).

He is a good main attacker.

I choose him as a main sneak attacker for my back team.

His "Sneak" ability attacks are very support in my battles.



  • Reason for Picking: DEATH ELEMENTAL

(Mana cost 3, Speed 3, Magic attack 1 and lives 2 ).

He is a good "Snipe" attacker. His magic attacks are very support in battle rounds.

I choose him as a Snipe attacker of my attack team.



  • Reason for Picking: CURSED SLIMEBALL

(Mana cost 1, Speed 1, Melee attack 1 and lives 1 ).

I choose him as a damage reducer for my back team.



Game Rules:

  • Standard : No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.
  • Mana Cost 24
  • Allow Summoner : All Elements.


[ROUND- 1]


  • At the start of the first round after seeing my enemy used Earth Summoner, It's just as I expected.. Enemy team is line up with Strong Melee Tank and full of Magic attackers. So his team was prepared with good line up.

  • At this first round, my team knock down the opponent back row supporter the tank heal monster. This is good attack of my main sneak attacker. My team first damage reducer tanker is fall too.


[ROUND- 2]


  • It's a good battle. In this round two, opponent team falls his one of back row attacker again. His taker is low health in position. It is good condition for me.

  • At this rounds, My Theme Fighter SHADOW SNITCH is show his good support attacks.


[ROUND- 3]


  • This round three is tends to end of game. At the start of this round, opponent team's strong tank is fall. My team is still strong with full of team power.


After some attacks done, opponent team's last magic attacker is fall. Battle is end with victory for my team.




Opponent team's line-up is strong with magic attackers but his tank heal is fall faster.
My team also strong damage attackers.
Until the last minute, this battle is led both of us to an exciting battle.

hive line 2.gif

Battle Results Reaction:

An excellent whole team performance that leads my team to victory. With the combined speedy attacker of Melee and Sneak and Reach attacker at the behind Tanker. The damage reducer supporters in particular was well supported. That was a good lineup for an Death Elemental Team for appropriate mana cost battles. By the fall of opponent team's "Tank Healer" faster, the battle is faster end.


Telling about My lineup

The main point for appropriate mana cost battle is choosing the fasted attackers with good damage attacks or create a defence team with shields. If you have "Thorns" or "Shield" ability tanker or more armored tanker, you must choose him exactly. My lineup are consists of 1 melee attack mini tanker as a damage reducer for first rounds attacks. Then follower monsters as 1 melee Strong tanker with "Thorns" ability. Then normal speed attacker with "Reach" ability( He is theme card), and then main sneak attacker with good damage, 1 magic attacker, 1 damage reducer for back row team. And then if mana cost is allow I can choose 2 or 3 Range or Sneak attackers as a back line supporters with "Flying" ability. This lineup is best for "Any other Elemental Team" battles. I use my lineup which depend on battle rules.


Did your strategy work?

Yes it did work as the SHADOW SNITCH, with Reach ability provides a good second attacker positions in appropriate mana cost battles. With this reach attacker can be a good attacker if he fights with other speedy Melee attackers- such as Opportunity and Sneak attackers. In this battle my Theme attacker "SHADOW SNITCH" is show his perfect "Reach ability attacks"power. And also the "Sneak" attacker is show his good damages. However, it is the collective strength of the whole team that makes a team strong.


What will you try differently next time?

In later matches, "SHADOW SNITCH" will be used in many other line-ups with other Death elemental monsters. I would love to twist some changes. But for now I like that lineup to work as it's really a good combination for appropriate mana cost battles. I want to meet more amazing Battles with "SHADOW SNITCH".

However, if I will use a higher level "SHADOW SNITCH" in the future, I will definitely use better cards to team up with.


Do you like the "SHADOW SNITCH"? Why or why not?

I'm in the Bronze Leagues, I love to use "SHADOW SNITCH" because of his "cheap mana cost and good reach attacks" is very support in battles. It can join with other attackers and team up a strong line up. We believe in his attacking roll to provide support at the team melee attacker and we will choose "SHADOW SNITCH" exactly.

In the future, I will try to use it on higher leagues as soon as I find my way as well to climb up there first.


If you want to watch the full gameplay of the game, please click on the gameplay Battle Link link below:

You can also see my battle gameplay at Twitter-

If you are now ready to experience this, feel free to sign up with my ref link below –

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All images are take from Splinterlands Game sources
Special thanks to Splinterlands Game

Thanks you for visiting my post.
Good luck and see you around.


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