Today In Splinterlands I Had A Snipe Quest

in Splinterlands14 days ago (edited)

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Check out the video where it takes me seven battles to complete the snipe quest I had today. I lost two battles one that I think if I had lined it up correctly I may have been able to win and the other I just flat out got out played.

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That happens to me a lot more than I would like to admit. I think my lineup is very solid and then then come in with either better cards or the same cards but in different places in the lineup. I am still learning alot. You are doing great. I can never finish a quest that quickly.

None of us are experts, it's all part of the learning process. The only reason I do ok with some of these quests is the cards I have and I rent some here and there also to help out. It takes some time to accumulate cards I am hoping to speed things up a little when Chaos is launched.

First time I see how it is set up.Thx. But I promised here "no more gaming" (after Nextcolony last year).

These games are addicting, the fact that you can make an income on them makes time even more appealing.

I love a good snipe quest. At my level I usually choose the Earth Splinter with child of the forest as my snipe of choice, he is so fast that he is hard to hit :-)

I am not a big fan of snipe or sneak quests, I don't like to have to use a specific card that may weaken my line up. On the one hand though it is nice to be able to pick the splinter you want to use.

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