Temporal Master For The Win!!

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Every week, @splinterlands posts a challenge for players to post about their battle, using a specific card or splinter. This week’s challenge, is to use Temporal Master!


All monsters are inflicted with poison, each round, and all monsters must have 4 or less mana. The mana limit was 29.

Here is my battle:


So, here was the team I put together:

Since, Temporal Master is a Life Monster, I began by choosing my Life summoner. I picked, Tyrus Paladium- a powerful Life Summoner! Tyrus is at level 4 and adds an armor stat to each friendly monster!!

A Khymerian prophecy says that a chosen hero will rise from humble beginnings to wield the Silver Shield and the Silver Sword, uniting the world against evil. Whispers in Khymeria say that Tyrus Paladium, the talented summoner who began as a fisherman is that chosen hero.

I was already feeling confident, with the LIFE splinter on my side, but let’s get to my monster line-up!

My Monster Lineup

In my tank position, I chose my Gold Foil, Armorsmith! This card has some OK stats, mainly because it has a low cost. I chose this card mainly for its repair ability. Repair Restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage.

Time Mage followed. I mainly chose this card for the ability to slow down time for the enemy team. The enemy was slower to attack and my team took full advantage that!

I then chose, Divine Healer. Again, I just chose this card for its ability to heal others. It has tank heal, which Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round.

Defender of Truth was chosen to be in the fourth position. I chose this card for the Protect ability; All friendly Monsters gain +2 Armor. this is probably one of my favorite cards.

My Gold Foil, Temporal Master was fifth. His low mana and golden glow, made him the perfect choice! This card is also part of this weeks challenge, and it also has a pretty cool ability. It has a recharge. This Monster attacks every other round but does 3x damage.

Centaur, anchored the team. It's arguably the strongest monster on my team, not considering abilities. It has an ability of its own: Snipe! Snipe Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.

My battle went 3 rounds, and I only lost 3 monsters. Since only low mana cards were allowed, I focused on abilities! They won the battle for me! I was very happy with the team I assembled, and was happy to be victorious!

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You should improve on the format, you can make the images smaller so that they look better and go deeper into the strategy. Keep up the good work.