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Playing With DTube Vote Tipping - #FromTheHeart in One Love Community Discord - Bumpin' Tunes while demonstrating how the newest feature in development functions on our #testnet - PS NOT REAL TOKENS

With so many of the DTube user being upset or left out of the current working economy a few of the leaders have been working on solutions to the waves of new users landing not able to do anything after their first interactions. User retention should be number 1 yet the way DTube is operating does not show that this is the case. Obviously the Vote-Tip feature is not going to be a complete solution to new users retention but it will allow a means for all users to help each others coin counts grow directly with votes even if the author did not have the VP to spend.

How Vote Tip Works

Done in the exact say way as a normal vote with the main difference being that any % of VP set as a TIP will be taken off the top and sent directly the the author of the post. The remaining % not set as a Vote-Tip will be divided amongst curators as per the current working normal.

Wanna Play With It?
CHECK FOR HTTPS:// before entering any keys!!!
DTube Test-Net:

Always Live FromTheHeart in One Love Community

Remember to bring your mic and cam to join the conversation in discord.

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