Introducing Hive.Photo Website and PHOTO Token

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The Hive Images tribe was recently launched with its official website is a sister website of The Hive Images token is PHOTO.

Hive Images is a community of amateur and professional photographers on the Hive platform. PHOTO token helps to support and incentivize original user-generated photographic content.

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Examples of relevant post topics for PHOTO token include but are not limited to:

  • Color/black and white photography
  • Photorealistic images
  • Photography/photographic equipment/photo editing software tutorials
  • Discussions concerning photography
  • Photography contests
  • Holography and 3D photography
  • Photos for daily blogs and selfies



PHOTO token can be staked and/or delegated and used to vote for content marked with the Hive Images tribe tags (see below).

The emphasis is user-generated images. PHOTO token rewards are not meant for posts with photos not made by the user from current news media or other sources unless the photo(s) are being critiqued by the user.

Token: PHOTO
Issuer account: @hivephoto
Maximum Supply : 1,000,000,000 PHOTO
Tags: #photography, #bnwphotography, #hiveimages, #hivestockimages, #hive-134860
Payout window: 7 days.
Unstaking window: 13 weeks

50/50 split in curation rewards with 100% staked reward payout.

PHOTO can be traded on the Tribaldex and leodex exchanges.

At token launch 4.1 million PHOTO tokens were generated and segregated.

  • 500,000 PHOTO staked to founder account (
  • 500,000 PHOTO staked to issuer account (@photohive)
  • 2,000,000 PHOTO set aside for promotion, contests, bounties, ect. (@photo.nft)
  • 1,000,000 PHOTO to go into diesel pools.
  • 100,000 PHOTO tokens put on market for sale at a price of 0.01 SWAP.HIVE

Liquidity Pool

There is currently an active PHOTO:MEME liquidity pool on It is running for 365 days and offers a 1% daily bonus to liquidity providers.

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Since Hive Images is a sister tribe of MemeHive we gotta end the post this way ...

Source of meme


I'm definitely going to be getting into this. We need more tokens out there.
I'll be building up some liquidity in the MEME/PHOTO pool over time in @esecholo!

Thank you for the support.

Lovely to see such initiative, related to my favorite stuff! :)
I just noticed I had already 3 incoming stakes in my H-E wallet :) Cheers!
I suppose it is still work in progress, but apart from the pool, what other use-cases for the token, please?


!giphy great work

Thanks. Yes, new things will be rolled out. Today a second liquidity pool for SWAP.HIVE: PHOTO was activated. NFT minting will be set up soon. Besides minting and purchasing NFTs; in a few months a DAO will be set up on After that use cases for PHOTO token will be determined through community proposals and voting.

Sounds fantastic!
I also saw you want to support photo contests. What do you think about this one: @travelcontest

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It is great to see Hive-Engine creating a PHOTO coin. PHOTO was my favorite coin on the failed Steem Engine platform.


Thank you. I hope we can make PHOTO your favorite token again on this great platform.

Please feel free to check out There are already many great posts.

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Looking good. Will have a look of this later. Thumb up

Will check on this. Thank you 😊

Mais esse aqui... Esse novo token chamado PHOTO vai ser distribuídos para postagens na comunidade nova, com as tags, ou através do site novo. De qualquer jeito vc pode ganhar PHOTO

Nice will check out..
Thanks for the sharing..

nice~ ☺️👍 so do we post it here ( hivephoto community) or post it at hive images website?

very nice , although the website seems a bit slow for me ..

Great idea but what's with the downvotes on my posts? Same post as appears on Hive with no downvotes then appears with more than one downvote on the post appearing on Thanks

Sorry that is happening. It looks like some troll/bot accounts. They have little HP and none appear to have staked PHOTO but they are a big nuisance on the Hive platform to be sure.

I've muted all the accounts that have downvoted you so far on That won't stop the downvotes from appearing but it should prevent the accounts from depriving you of any PHOTO token rewards should the accounts ever stake any PHOTO.

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