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RE: When is it worthwhile to rent Splinterlands cards and when not! / Quando conviene noleggiare le carte di Splinterlands e quando no!

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Thanks for sharing. I was wondering what the estimated value of a chest was, now I know. It will help me compare if renting will be beneficial in my case. I am in bronze and on the surface it would not be a good idea since I need way more power to get to the next level compared to the additional value of the chest that I would receive.


Yes you have to do the calculations well and consider both daily and end of season chests.
In my case, I am in the Diamond league, the cards to go up in Champion league cost a lot and I would spend a lot and I would risk to end the season in deficit between the cost of rented cards and the end of season reward.
If you are in bronze instead you have to see if there are opportunities to rent and in that case it could be convenient to rent ;)
Thanks for your comment

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