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RE: When is it worthwhile to rent Splinterlands cards and when not! / Quando conviene noleggiare le carte di Splinterlands e quando no!

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I feel if one gets lucky to open a rewards chest that earns a ton of DEC it will make worth wild to rent. The odds of that happening is slim. Really at the players risk going renting. It’s just odds at the end of the day. Also what about daily rewards chests on top of the season ending? Additional assets to rent.


Hi @mawit07 and thanks for your comment
The current rental system is great, but the estimated value of a chest is crucial in choosing whether to rent or not.
It is true that the cards found in the chests generate a passive income if rented, but the probability of finding rentable cards at high prices are few.
Of course luck is a factor that can change everything but I always prefer to put the calculations first.
For example, if today there is only one day left before the end of the season and I want to rent the first 10 legendary cards of the highest level with the lowest price on the market, I will spend 4800 DEC tokens per day in order to advance one league and earn 12 more chests (+ 2 from the daily mission and +10 from the end of season reward). I spend 4800 to have about 2300 DEC tokens of value from chests (estimated value).
Last season renting the same cards cost less than half the current rental prices.
Right now the cards to make the jump from Diamond league to Champion league cost too much as an average rental price.
Different is the case for the lower leagues where the prices are lower.
At this time I prefer to rent my cards rather than take cards for rent ;)

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