Can You Watch Ducks At Your Workplace?

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The cool thing about being a digitalnomad is that my workplace can be anywhere.

So I like finding lakes and such where I can hang out with wildlife.

Nature is amazing, you just have to slow down and enjoy it.

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Since I work at home, there are no ducks, but we do got some cranes walking about the neighborhood. At my previous place, we had peafowls running about the neighborhood too.

Are you tied to a desk for your job? Or can you take a laptop outside? If you are tied in for 8 hours, I get that life, lol. I did that too long for Apple, lol .

All my work is tied to crypto, curating, and posting content to places like youtube and what not. Also, yes, It's all inside the house. I had a laptop but it broke. I'm saving up for a new laptop right now. Something that is much better than my Alienware Alpha (which is about 7 years old).

Ah man, I do most of that with a smart phone! Get out and explore! You never know what kind of content you will create!

Yeah, no worries. lol I take the time to go outside and take care of the garden. Other than that, I walk around the neighborhood with my niece and we go to theme parks at least twice a month. Everything is nice and chill.

Right on! Lol. Yeah I just like to encourage people to get outside. Too many in this space that hardly see the light of day, lol.

I heard a lot of people work from home. I was reading a posts, she mentioned that she lost her job. Started working at home online, she lives in the countryside, see lots wildlife !

I live the van life so I can work really from anywhere I want. It’s pretty fun.

I see i must say whats up to my cousins. Ill have a rip to smooth the day out, in your honor later. Keep rockin


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