Fresh Cut Has A Dude Feeling Good

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Hey everyone! It’s been one of those weeks that has just gotten up my rear so, so I had to go and treat myself! If you have followed any of my recent posts you would notice I have let myself get a bit on the fuzzy side. Well, today I changed that!

Getting a fresh haircut is cheaper than a hooker, but almost as satisfying. Especially since you don’t have a girl friend and the barber girl was really cute, lol. I am not much of a sports guy anymore, but I like Sport Clips. You get the cut with massaging shampoo and a hot towel treatment. She knew what she was doing when massaging my scalp, had to be careful what I said there, lol. But yeah, the beard was an extra charge but worth it.

Anyway, sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

Until next time everyone!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Nothing like that fresh fade feel!

Clean cut though man

Thank you sir! My beard was starting to look like Santa, 😂

Looking clean man!!

Thank you sir!

No problem!

Yeah dude so much style, I love how you tirn white, it realy suits you 🍀

Thanks, lol. It’s called old age and experience. Lol

Only action has the power to change knowlage into wissdom hahha
Is a complimemt realy, I have some ehite hairs, and I love them, I call them my wissdom hair hha

For sure, I call them benchmarks, 😂

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Lookin' fresh my man!

Thought you were showing off am earring for a second there.

Lol, na, those days are done, lol