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There are some really big perks to living the nomadic vanlife, and then there are downsides as well. But those tend to fade away when you get to come and sit by the river and get a few hours sleep because you work crazy vampire hours. So technically I am living in a van down by the river, lol. It's a great place to get out and walk the dog in between naps.

This particular spot, I come to a lot if you follow my account, you will see that, lol. But you can also see why. It's a chill spot that gives me both riverside action and a wooded nature trail. And when you come out at the end of summer when the blackberries are going nuts, then it's a buffet of wildberries.

The van got a bit dirty from my shooting outing yesterday so I need to take it for a bath, but I have to get the work week started. Might take it tomorrow for a bath and get a hydro massage at Planet Fitness in town, lol. The gym I go to in the town my kids live and I work in doesn't have nice massage chairs and such, so I have to go into town, blah, lol. I am in a contract for PF until September so I guess I need to go and make use of it. There is a 24 hour DIY carwash so I may hit it up tonight after I get off of my sandwich job as I am not working the overnight job and need to stay up anyway.

This whole working 2 shit jobs thing has my motivated more than ever to get my ass in gear on these charts and get back in the trading game. I just need to rebuild capital so i am trying to save what I can from these jobs, and I am doing a small temporary power down of Hive to turn into some trading funds. I am considering keeping it in Hive and trading on the internal exchange, but I will need a decent amount of Hive to trade to make it worth it. My other thought it to go into USDT on BSC and trading on the Apollox exchange where I can trade BTC futures and use leverage. But then again, I am also considering getting out of the leverage game for a while and just focusing on spot trading to keep it safe. I just want to be able to short as well, so I may use that exchange and just use lower leverage or just 1x. Still trying to decide.

But the whole point of it is, I have really been seeing what I want to do, aside from getting back to the family farm and producing some good food for people, I want to focus on trading and trading content. I just need to be able to get the bills paid so I am not so stressed, that is where these jobs are supposed to be coming into play, but yeah, it's rough, lol. Oh well, it's the lot I chose and I know it's temporary.

This break from social media has been nice I will say. It has allowed me to clear my head and think for myself again without a bunch of noise coming from my phone. The most use my phone has been getting is tracking steps for @actifit, taking a few shots for @liketu and playing some music while I work, lol.

Have a great day all and go out and enjoy some nature!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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I'd like to live in a VW Camper Van some day ... but yeah, kids, School, 1 in University. Means you need a home base ..... Some day. Some day. That was the whole plan of @offgridlife way back in 2017 .... still planning. But having some fun road trips along the way.

My kids live with their mom so they have their home base there. My situation is a long story that included me losing everything to a hurricane, but yeah, my kids are older so it works.

Yikes, a Hurricane.... I will have to go back and read some old posts. I'm very afraid of Hurricanes and Tornadoes ... We don't get many of those here in Canada ... just lots of snow and Mosquitos.

Yeah, I was living in the Florida Keys and got chased out of there in 2017 by Irma.

Oh.... Like Hemingway.

Catch any Marlin down there ?



I always wanted to live down there.

I got the white beard and everything… just no writing skills.


Caught a tuna but no marlin. Bunch of mahi mahi or as we call it locally, dauphin

I have always dreamed of living in the Keys ... or in the Bahamas, but the Hurricanes scare the bejesus out of me.

I definitely have some PTSD from Irma.

I just saw this and thought you might be one of those RV'ers who travel the country with no fixed address. Back in the old Steemit days, there was a guy from New York who also lived the van life all across the country, but haven't seen him since the fork.

I wish I could live all over. My kids have me centered in one state, but I do get to adventure around here which there is a lot to see in Oregon and Washington

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