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Yeah it’s the life for a young person for sure, lol. I worked for Stage One out of Birmingham, AL. I used to DJ down at the Dragon’s Den club in NO. Also played the state Palace for disco Donny a couple of times.


I worked around stage one guys. Hell I think everyone was on the WWE thing lol.
I did get to see a lot of places (States) I normally wouldn't have went. (I was the driver 🤪🤣)

I did a couple of WWE, but more WCW because we would go to Atlanta where they were based. Usually would do a WCW show, then there would be a concert the next night, let's just say there was a lot of speed involved in those days, lol.

Yeah... Energy drinks helped me thru a lot. But when I had been pushed enough...I sat down said I'm done lol.
I'm Tampa, we'd worked show call was suppose to get off at 11.. well a crew didn't show up to start tearing down so we worked all night left at 4am had to be back at 8a I worked till 1p. Idk if you know Steve Brown but he walked by saw me sitting and asked if I was ok. I had tears in my eyes (cuz I felt like a quitter) but I told him I can't anymore. He told Manny and Manny came and drove me to my van on a golf cart. I was exhausted lol
There was a lot of that!
Shit, I drive in from N.C. got home, went to Dr cuz I was hurting. Found out I had cracked rib. Was suppose to be driving the next day... As it happened Manny called asked me to drive to Tennessee to carry a crew to work by 6sm.. So we left the same day headed to Tennessee. Thankfully I didn't have to work.. Just drive. Unfortunately that trip was cut short for me. When I got to the hotel and was going to rest.... Laying in bed I coughed as I was trying to raise up on my side.... Cracked 5 ribs. I was done. My best friend and hubby drove to Nashville to come get me.
Manny used me as a driver after I healed up a bit.. And I worked some light duty but then all this mess with Micah came up. I was needed at home so I stopped traveling.