Sorry I Lied- One More Coast Trip- Found A New Chill Spot

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Here we are agin folks, at the Oregon coast hanging out avoiding what is hopefully the last heatwave of the year. In Eugene, it’s supposed to hit 100 degrees the next 2 days and I don’t want Chip and I to roast in the van-oven, lol.

The only issue that kept me from coming out is that tomorrow (Saturday) is my daughter’s 18th birthday, but she is going off with her friend to get a tattoo that’s going to take most of the day so I would t see her anyway, lol. Her mom started the tat and piercing thing, but I can’t say anything, lol, for every hole that ended up in my face, or the higher up I stretched my ears at that age, was a tattoo that didn’t happen, lol.

But yeah, this time instead of going to our normal spot, which is the North Jetty, we headed a different way the recommendation of a local, this time to the South Jetty. And if you come far enough, you can pull right up to the water.

Looks like I claimed my spot in time because it’s starting to fill up, but it’s cool. Seems to be a few other van lifers, with some nice rigs so I might make some friends.

Chip and I are going to hang out by the Siuslaw River that feeds to the Pacific. It’s a much nicer view out of the van window versus sand dunes at the other spot! Plus, the cell signal is almost full which is much better than the other spot, lol! So I can sit waterside and get some work done!

Until next time!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Forgive me, I couldn't help but admire the first photo. Gosh, you are so handsome. 🙈🥺❣️

Well, thank you! Making me blush, haha.

Haha. You are welcome, sir

Good move! the smoke was horrible in Eugene today!

Yo! We should have a Eugene Hive meetup!

And yeah the smoke came on out here too, but at least it was cooler.

But yeah, this time instead of going to our normal spot, which is the North Jetty, we headed a different way the recommendation of a local, this time to the South Jetty. And if you come far enough, you can pull right up to the water.

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Yeah it's good to change things up sometimes. You never know what you will find.

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Hi! I came to coment only to say that I love your selfies and your dog is so beautiful! Huges from Argentina! ♥