What POB Teaches Us About Crypto Markets

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Lately I've been on a kick about marketing and why hype/price greatly matter. As much as some people might hate it and think it's not a thing POB pretty much proves that it really is. Let's be honest even when you see high prices it gets your butt in gear that little extra bit more.

As of writing this POB currently is on a upward trend and is sitting at a price split of 1.60 to 1.85 Hive per POB token. Dollar value that puts POB as worth $0.80 - $0.92 each (assuming Hive is $0.50)



Hype and Price

Because of this price spike and one that continues on a upward trend what we get is increased activity. That activity comes in many forms.

  • Price action - the demand of more POB tokens for more people to hold a stake in it. The more POB you have the more you could possibly earn with how Hives Proof Of Brain system works in curation rewards.

  • Engagement - Since many people reward comments with a small upvote as a thank you for proving extra value to a post it increases engagement. Even a small vote could be well worth the time you put into it. This increases engagement rates on posts.

  • Exposure - As more people write about the project more people will start to get involved. Not only does this help the POB price action but it also helps Hive being that POB runs on top of the hive network. As more people come in they will eventually see they have a hive account and have Hive rewards.

All of these things add up to increasing success of a platform. As long as the hype and price action stay put we will see continued growth on the platform.


What POB Teaches Us

This shows us how important a decent price on a crypto along with engagement are keys to growth and success in crypto. I can bet all of you that you didn't join crypto because it was a way to stick it to the man. Instead you joined because you wanted to make more money and that's the key driving factor of crypto to this day.

There are three core things that will make or break a blockchain. Have any one of them and it can increase the value have all there and the moon it goes! Hive and POB are perfectly positioned for all of these.

The entire blockchain runs on value be it content or development, engagement for the most part is rewarded and I've seen an increasing trend of this. Price action is there on some tribes but not Hive itself yet but I have hopes we will start getting there. Instead of wasting so much time on power ups, power downs, reward curves etc. I hope we start developing real assets that Hive can use.

This shows the power of all of these factors. Take the most recent story of this DogeCoin as well. Hype, more people involved, more trying to make those gains and invest in. These are the constant cycles and how a majority of people look at their finances. As crazy as it is and honestly stupid it is what drives markets. You could even apply this same thing to gamestop stock.

What do you feel makes POB so unique and drives up value over time?

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I remember back in the earlier days of the market when the price was about 0.25 per POB token for sell orders, it was then I put in a heap of HIVE over a week or 2 and bought about 1200, have only sold off one week of a unstake as I needed some cash, but have kept curating content for a month or so now and it's been the best investment to date.

Almost ready to start stacking up my stake again now I have made back some HIVE from sales and I want to build my vote up higher due to how well it is going and is a stable curating token.

I recognize that publicity is an important part that influences price behavior, it is something that pushes or sinks a project in the Crypto market, this is demonstrated by Dogecoin itself which in my opinion is more publicity than development, the world knows it and does not care, they simply push this crypto because of its prominent 'ally' , the billionaire manufacturer of the famous battery cars.

But POB is carving out a niche for itself in the Hive community and is at the forefront of it because apart from behaving as a sort of 'brain BTC' it doesn't limit you in the creative process and I find that from my perspective so fascinating. POB's marketing is based on the advocacy of its community, which is in charge of positively considering this token product of the great participation of those of us who monetize content in this space.

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PoB is unique because it combines the best aspects of bitcoin, leo and hive in its Tokenomics!!!!

We are dealing with a scarce asset that is high in demand. One must stack as many tokens as possible.

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The network effect has a way of creating value where others choose not to look. POB and the token scarcity could create some serious FOMO in the the not so distant future.

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It's going to be a good while before it gets cut in half 4 years is a long time lol. But I don't want to look back to this day 4 years from now and be like dang I wish I would have mined more :P

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I more communites to look like POB and Leo. Im tryimg to improve the content for WeedCash Network. I think Hive's true potential will be realized 10 years from now when a huge part of the population will be familiar with crypto. A lot of potential here, and POB is settimg a good example.

I hope it's not 10 years from now lol there will be huge competition by then they need to take action right now.

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Well im hoping for sucess now, but im not kiddimg myself thinking in a year or two we would compete with reddit. If we stay on the same trajectory i could see hive being a top 10 social media 5-10 years down the road. Such a tiny part of the population use crypto. Once a substantial portion are comfortable with it, of course they are gonna want there groups somewhere they can get paid.

What do you feel makes POB so unique and drives up value over time?

All tribes incentize staking but POB's deflationary aspect REALLY does a good job of it without people reallying minding or complaining. POB's stake rate has remained consistently high for a while now despite the rising token price. Reminds me a lot of the mindset of bitcoin HODLERs to be honest.

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Yep, it's doing solid! Goes to show you how a well planned out inflation on a crypto can go a very long way.

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The relative scarcity of the token also helps to match the buyers and sellers better. So even though there are some who dump all their pob, there are enough buyers to meet the supply.

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You are right

The rate of engagements in the POB community is one of the factors that is driving the token up. It is something other community should follow in order to promote hive the more

engagement here comes out as a result of the need to gain more tokens to sake by users and this gives us more exposure as you said

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It's one of the main reasons I drop by and use the POB front end for at least a hour a day. That and the value for sure is there so two big wins! Engagement sparks price.

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I am glad to know you set out time to add value here too. We appreciate this effort of yours. Thank you

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I can bet all of you that you didn't join crypto because it was a way to stick it to the man.

I'll put up my hand here now.