Proofofbrain should be a community of intelligent users

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I am an old timer on hive blockchain and i like reading. Hive is a treat for a person like me who likes to read.


Though i was introduced to this platform because of a post from @amr008 whom i follow on different platforms. I got curious and jumped into the bandwagon of contributors.

However, i read one old thread which was quite disturbing. Its given here for the reference
It was quite disturbing for me who trust in the new community and want to contribute something constructive and help community to grow.

I checked the post from @interpretation who claims that there are only 73 subscribers of this community and the complete supply of coins is controlled by only 73 accounts.


My appeal to community

Friends, if we don't want this to be yet another generic community as described on the above forum we need to carve our niche.

Important Tags

The first and foremost thing that We need to have the tags which distinguish us from others. As we are named after brain, we can claim that we are a community of intelligent professionals. I read a very interesting post by @fireguardian where he posted a brilliant image of the brain. This image can act as our guide to classify the content in tags such as

  • Proofofbrain
    ** Intelligence
    ** Memory
    ** Habits
    ** Feelings
    ** Belief
    ** Story
    ** Thoughts
    ** Attitude
    ** Judgement
    ** Emotions
    This type of tagging will distinguish our community from others. Those who post using this front-end may sub categorise their posts using these tags.

One of the tags above #thoughts is already being used by @cryptoandcoffee, who is a influencer on the hive platform and posts lots of interesting articles every day. He drives the sportstalk platform too.

Getting on to twitter

As i am seeing only two influencers on twitter using #proofofbrain hashtag actively, these two accounts vide @gimmetricks1 and @regenerette, should be asked to add the #proofofbrain tag, they should be asked to spread out the information in their connections on hive community. This will help us in branding in hive community and help us to build perception. @vempromundo is already doing the job of curation on the #pob.
There could be many more influencers who can spread word and we can emerge as the community of intelligent people very soon.

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Well, we can keep this tag policy so that the community has its identity. Interesting to know that we have 73 accounts, I didn't know that number.

I focus on curatorship, just like @amr008, and I think it will play an important role in growth. Just like I am doing the 100 POB weekly delegation contest that lasts a month, but I can increase that amount as soon as my stake power increases.

Yes the active subscribers are far less than the total number of investors. Currently, the content which is flowing on the platform is from other front ends like peakd using #proofofbrain tag

Please tag @regenerette, I am sharing my posts from my other hive account.

Yes updated the same, it was my confusion.

@coffeelovers feel free to use @regenerette while tagging me in Hive I am tweeting from this account.

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@proofofbrainio i know we are doing well as community but as a member of community i felt a bit odd to read the comments on archonapp site (mentioned in my post) about #proofofbrain and hence felt we need to distinguish ourselves. I am sure with 1300 stakeholders we are already on fire

I really like the ideia of adding original to our tags. Because one thing that can distinguish us from other tribes is exactly this: To be original, you got to have brains! #originalthoughts #originalstory #originalbelief... I don't know, but it kind's of sounds good to me.

This original tag idea actually was inspired from one of your posts with the image of scrambled words around the brain.

Oh, I didn't catch that, I thought my post only inspired some of the tags, not the original one.
I'm glad I'm able to contribute to this tribe.
Let's keep shining!