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You are probably aware of the latest glitch (or if you like it better "bug") on Hive connected with curation rewards for upvoted posts BEFORE the HardFork... The bad news is that all upvotes before the HF are "nulled" and nobody will receive earnings for that... The only way to get rewards for upvoted posts published BEFORE the HF is to upvote them now... I will not go more in details, as you can find plenty here

In this video, I have explained the problems that we on Liotes have regarding this issue and how did we decide to manage this situation... Just want to clarify at the beginning, the situation is complicated and it can be observed from different angles, so there is no "perfect solution"...

From our point of view, we have a kind of responsibility to our community and to our supporters, so we have taken a "balanced" way regarding this... To support content creation we will continue to upvote new posts, but on the other side, to support people who have followed our curation trail on @Liotes.voter, we will upvote some of the older posts to get some curation rewards for our followers... If we wouldn't do that, curation rewards would be 0 and we would lose followers that are upvoting posts from the community, which would be a long-term loss...

Check out the video for more details...

PS. Delegators to the Liotes.voter are covered as they will receive a fixed % of rewards in LEN tokens... We will not lower the current 12% APY...

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No problem. We can live without few upvotes. But I hope you'll solve the issue...

Still catching up. Real life got me :)
Thanks for the update!



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if the wiping of the curation rewards is the only issue with the HF, then it was a very good HF. the positive side of this "bug" is that authors will get more rewards because there are lots of people that are upvoting content to get curation rewards. If you had good content out there the 7 days prior to HF, you will get additional rewards that will more than offset the nulled curation rewards from that same time period. It will only be a few more days before everything is back to normal.

2 extra credits added for engaging with our posts! We appreciate :-)

This is a very accurate analysis. There are a lot of people upvoting posts that are 5 to 7 days old to get some curation rewards. This will definitely turn back to normal soon.


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