Proof of Brain is not a Community Where you Talk about The Brain or Intellect, It is a General Topics Community

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I really had to make this post because you'd be surprised how many people don't know this. Take a look at some of the evidence I've brought with me!

Hello everyone,
So I've come to notice that many do not yet know/realize that the POB community is simply a general community where you come and talk about anything at all that crosses your mind. Many people think it is a community for intellectual discourse or a community where your post has to have something to do with the brain and that if you make a post you have to link it somehow to the brain and make it look like it has something to do with proving you have brains or else it isn't fit for the community.

I've seen a lot of posts and talk here on hive and even in the POB community showing this misconception, for example look at this post by @cmmemes titled 'Proof of Following the Trends':


Funny stuff, and I love it, but I just want to use it to express my point and correct this mistake some of us are making.

If you read the screenshot you'd see that he showed how he thinks the proof of brain tag is not meant for every post. Seeing also where he said 'people just slap that tag on their "normal posts"..' explains further. The proof of brain tag is of course FOR your 'Normal Posts', infact the only question that should be asked is, is it a post? Once it's a post that's all that is required.

Also, see how he had to justify his own use of the tag by adding that he considers memes to be 'proof of brain'? There was no need for that at all. You get it now?

Furthermore, in the comment section a number of people are showing that they share this misconception too about the POB community. Look:


You see that talk about his posts being on the brainy side? The POB community likes posts like that but it also likes every other type of post, whether on the kidneyey side, the intestiney side, the bootey side, etc. 😃 You get it?

Here is another comment thread:


Same mistake.

Here is another:


No excuses for using the tag are required. None at all!

Here is the comment I made on the post, as you can see that was 10 days ago:


I think I should have said more, but well, this post you're reading now would say all that is needed.

Look at further evidence of this mistake, but first here is an handkerchief:



Because you might want to cry when you consider the fact that this gentle fellow went through pains to write this down very explicitly and - and.. and it was all for nothing.


Here is the write up, it is a post by @bluemoon titled 'I Like to Start the Day with a Paradox':





Here is what I said, including his reply:


His write-up is quite a beautiful one, but you understand what I'm saying right? There was no need for all these. The POB Community doesn't give two monkeys about your brain or stuff like that 😂😂

Although I should add that he (@bluemoon) said this further down the post:


But even though he says this, you'd agree that the too much talk about the brain and proof and the word of the day competition being a test for the brain all that shows that he somehow hasn't reconciled it all properly and he's still quite given to the misconception I'm talking about.

I've also seen a lot of other evidence that shows many people don't really understand that it is simply a general community, I just can't being all of them to this post. And, some of you already know what I'm talking about. Some of you reading must have noticed people thinking this way and may have thought this way in the past, yourselves.

The name Proof of Brain, though, is the thing that is causing all these misconceptions and making people wrongly think that it is a community for intellectual discourse and that you should try to link your post with something related to the brain in a way. So we need to understand what proof of brain is.

What is Proof of Brain?

Proof of Brain is simply a system of mining crypto currency. The system is simply getting cryptocurrency from posting and getting rewarded and from curating and getting rewarded. That's all about the system.


This system of mining is what we do on hive and every platform that pays for posting and curation.

Why Then Give the Community the Name POB?

The name was given to this community because the plan of the community founders is to fully rely on this system for mining. There is no way else to get the currency apart from post and curation rewards. Unlike other platforms where you can get passive returns for storing large amounts of the currency, being a witness, etc.

Since this is quite just tokenomics another reason why the community was named this has to be because @proofofbrainio thought it was a nice and dramatic name for a community, we'd all agree, for sure.

To give this discourse more perspective, remember/note that there are other systems of mining like PROOF OF STAKE and PROOF OF WORK

Proof of Stake (PoS) is a system of mining crypto where you earn crypto for holding a good amount of it.

Proof of Work (PoW) is a system of earning where you earn based on how much computational you contribute to the generation of the currency.

All these are systems like PoB.

**Also, just because it is related and quite interesting, you might want to check out this new system of mining cryptocurrency created by Microsoft where your actual brain waves will be read and used for mining 😂

It's not a joke, it's actually a real thing, but it is called Proof of Work. Here, sensors would be attached to your body, your brain, heart, etc. And the waves your body create when you carry out tasks would provide energy through the sensor for cryptocurrency mining.
That can be called POB (Proof of Bodily Organs😂😂).

In Conclusion

Come and roll with the Proof of Brain community! Feel free, we are not having any brain racking discussions or intellectual talk that any dummy can't handle 😂😂. Post whatever you like (I know you already know every post should be quality, though) and enjoy!

Also with just 1000 POB tokens you can give someone up to 1 POB token in rewards when you upvote them. It is also 50% of post rewards for authers and curators. Don't miss out on this sweet system. Use the Proof of Brain Community front end ( and you would be rewarded for engagement by @amr008 and other friends of the community.

Then since @calumam's Word of the Week Contest was mentioned above, I want to clarify that it is not a test of your brain or anything like that that you have to take as a member of the PoB Community. Its just a fun contest where a word is given and you do whatever you like to do to the word on a post. Here is the contest announcement post for this week. The pot is 1000 POB tokens! With the price of POB jumping between $0.6 - $0.8 and sometimes a little above $1, that's about a thousand USDollars in prizes!

gPCasciUWmEzNYtqbGEDRoyYeseHMDTak3FVSeMW6icsW2Y2NrF2H6fdLMWN4C5cDHKH57srPUiqKNuUzjUakj7PuC21fWg5i37QvtT69GqTCE5WjXb2n2t4kt4kJN9z96qEDqb9NCmHPm3SEZ (1).gif

Oh yeah, it's also cool to make word plays on the name Proof of Brain. Thanks @stickupboys


Bye for now and thanks for dropping by!


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So true...great post

POB is also about having a separate token, and so far it's proving to be very worthwhile...

Exactly, man @frot!
Thanks for coming around, I would have gifted you a tranny in appreciation but shipping price for trannies are not what they used to be.

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 last year (edited)

dwarf trannies are more affordable


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Oh, wow, who would have thought!
Expect a consignment of dwarf trannies soon, then.

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I am very happy to be part of the POB community. Other than the high percentage of staking, a major advantage that ProofOfBrain has is that it is held by users who (should) understand what we are doing here. I also hope that it does not devolve into a bunch of petty tribalism, and people fighting over post rewards. Our goal should be to stake the token far and wide, and to keep its valuation high because it represents what we are doing in all communities.


I am glad that it is a general use tag, but it does still motivate me to put my best efforts forward, as Hive has always motivated me to do. I am glad to know it is a general use token and I should not fear to use it. If you don't think you are putting any proof of brain into your post, why would you post it at all? Also I don't want to just write only about Proof of Brain or brains or excessive thoughts for the sake of rehashing the same thing over and over.

I vote for posts I enjoy- and for users who interact with my content- but if I see something I don't like then I just skip over it and find something that I am interested in. I am looking for human meaningful efforts, and they are EVERYWHERE! Remember that our voting power recharges, and should search for Created content that has not been recognized. I suggest users leave helpful comments, and try to help each other. We are a team and should try to act like it.


Have some !PIZZA @nevis !

Cool! I agree with what you've said. Thanks for dropping by, and for the pizza😊👍

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@nevies! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @darkflame.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Well, @nevies, you made me known from my first post, thank you for choosing to dissect my words.
I don't have enough time to check the conditions set by each community to be a member. I took my good experience with the other communities to believe that everyone wants a reference to their specialization. I thought #proofofbrain requires proof that we understand what we're doing. If this community just wants a front end from which to post anything, it could make a site more friendly and good looking, not this clone with Steemit from four years ago when I arrived in these realms.
The fact that I can do brain abstraction seems ok to me. I can post about anything, like in Hive. Super! I hope you express an official opinion of the creators and owners of this community. Thank you!

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Yes, it is the official opinion of the founders, if you check you can see their upvotes, incase you need something more.

If this community just wants a front end from which to post anything, it could make a site more friendly and good looking, not this clone with Steemit from four years ago when I arrived in these realms.

The community is working towards a more friendly and good looking site. @leprechaun is working hard towards that now, you can check out his progress reports on his blog. Also, another reason,I think, why POB was founded even though it is just like Hive/Steemit is to do the mining system called POB better. To create a community solely based on POB rewards rather than other things like stake and witnesses and stuff.

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Thanks for the information, I'm glad it's working and I can't wait to see and use it (new site). I admit I didn't know these things.
As for the advantage of using #proofofbrain, this is that you can receive more rewards for the same post. The rest is similar with Leo Finance, with Hive ... Many who post in Leo Finance and who have a good stake in Proofofbrain and Hive, who have a good reputation in the three platforms, receive a much higher reward than if they posted only in Hive. Here is the advantage, the gain is cumulated.

I appreciate you writing this post. I recently had a conversation with some people using #proofofbrain and wondered why it was so broadly used. I enjoy intellectual conversation, but if pob is just another posting site on the Hive blockchain, I haven't really felt the need to bounce over...seems it is similar to ecency or the other UI's for making Hive posts. Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to write this!

Cool. Thanks for dropping by.
Well, you're right, it's similar to ecency and stuff, but here you'd have community members and a discord channel. You'd feel among even more and the sense of a community working together is great.

Also in this community you would earn the community's token called POB from upvotes alongside the Hive Token and Hive Backed Dollars. It's best to be in a community, that way you're not only earning Hive and HBD but also earning something extra - the token of the community.

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What can POB token be used for other than upvote power? Can it be sold on a market similar to bittrex? (I know it can't be sold on bittrex because I checked)

I'm so happy you're asking these questions, you clearly know only little about the Hive Communities and stuff. I'm happy you'll get to learn.

POB can be sold on You must have never opened Hive Engine, you can head over there right now and log in with your hive details, you probably have some money there that you don't know about 🤗👍

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Wow! Who knew that when I joined Hive I wasn't just earning Hive...I was earning tons of different coins simultaneously...Thank you for sharing the engine with me! I feel a bit richer now :) It helps to read lol...

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Hehehe. Cool. So you found some money there that you didn't know about?

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Just a bit... but every bit helps 😉 Thanks again!

Hehehe. Congrats, you're right.
Would you like me to explain further how to maximize this community thing?

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My posts are already earning more rewards in pob tokens than in hive

It's shocking to see the difference in earnings on Ecency (where I signed up) and POB...I just posted on POB as a test case to see the difference for myself...

And what did you earn? - I've been on Steemit and then Hive since Aug 2016 and am making about double on POB after just a few weeks. Certainly has my attention!

From the looks of it, I think I'll end up making between 2x-4x as much in POB as I do in regular Hive through posting via Ecency... I'll have to keep testing it out, though. 3Speak earned me about 3x-6x as much as a written post at first, but now it seems it is back to about the same as a written post. I started with Steemit in Aug of 2017, then stopped posting around Jan 2018, I think. It wasn't because of the skyrocketing btc and chasm thereafter, just had other things I was promoting-like my YouTube channels. When I heard btc shoot up past $20K again, that's when I started logging back into my's too bad, though...because I had around 100K dogecoins I sold off about 1.5 months too early. A few weeks later, I would know.

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I guess I'm becoming a mini Hive celebrity :)

Congratulations, Sir.
All thanks to me, motherfucker!🤣🤣

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It is quite clear and in itself I have also seen many people who publish with the tag.

In other tribes they are very jealous about this and they even propose to silence you, I happen without knowing it with the Cinema platform, at the time I realized that it was only a bureaucratic propaganda, since I detail publications not related to the cinema, but well, surely it influences a lot the empathy that they manage to have in the community, I am quite detailed and I could continue listing some things but none of that makes sense, there are issues that deserve more energy than that!

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Yea, it's not nice at all that they do that.
Thanks for dropping by, though 👍

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nice it was good to read about this and the contest which we already entered! Glad you liked the gifs and are using them!

Cool. You're welcome. They're great GIFs, I had no option.

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You have been chosen to enter the "Just Write" contest (more about the contest here). Results will be announced on Monday, May 17, 2021.

Contest Just Write.png

Best of luck in the contest and keep writing like this!


has sido elegido(a) para entrar en el concurso "Solo escribe" (más datos sobre el concurso aquí). Los resultados se darán el lunes 17 de Mayo del 2021.

Concurso Solo Escribe.png

Mucha suerte en el concurso y continua escribiendo de esta manera!


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Oh, thanks a lot, man👍

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Good to know ...I will post more music, art and photography then. I liked the idea that I might learn more stuff from the Stuff posted on Proof of Brain but I like the idea it can just be anything.

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Yea, post whatever you like and enjoy!

Oh, I understand your disappointment based on how you thought you were going to be learning from a lot of brainy things here. But you have nothing to worry about, many of us are already making valuable posts you can enjoy and learn from. Take me for example 🤣🤣

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Yeah. I still find the posts here on POB very enlightening.... more than most places.

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Is Short content ok here also ? I see it downvoted in other places there a limit of how many times we should post like other places ? Like only once a day etc ?

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There's no limit to how mAny times you post a day, but you know you should simply be responsible and not post in a way that can be considered spam.

For shortness, your content can be short it should just be quality like is always said everywhere.

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Ok. I will try some different things and see how it goes.

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