Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for August 4th

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The OurPick encouragement program is the part of the @Liotes ecosystem where quality posts are curated and authors are encouraged to continue with the content creation adding value to specific communities, and Hive in general...

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Occasionally, we will pick a couple of awesome posts that we find interesting and will suggest them for your further reading... We hope that it will help authors as an additional promotion... We support creators with our upvotes in Hive, but also in other tribe tokens! These Hive-Engine tribes give additional value to the whole ecosystem and help authors and curators to follow their niches and dreams...

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A baby girl's $20 weekend treat by @niglys


Little treats are essential to make our lives sweeter! :) Now and then, we MUST treat ourselves!
Enjoy your weekend treat, great food, and tasty wine! :)

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Dinner at Cafe Laguna by @melria06


What a nice interior of the restaurant! You had plenty of different dishes on the table and I bet they were tasty!
Thanks for sharing!

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How to use the tipping function with Ecency by @mypathtofire


That's exactly what I'm doing when I tip people who have been picked by @Ourpick! 😃
Thanks for sharing this short tipping tutorial!

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How to Optimize ECR in Splinterlands (As of August 2022) by @archmage.courier


There is a general misconception that people believe that their income is highest when ECR is 100 but ECR is not that different from voting power. The only time you miss income is when your voting power is at 100%. It's the same for ECR. Thanks for this great tutorial about ECR!

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Thank you so much!

You are welcome! Thank you for creating awesome content!

Ecency points rewards are sent out! Thanks for creating awesome content!


Thank you for your support guys!

You are welcome! Keep creating great posts!

I really liked @mypathtofire's article on how to use the Ecency tipping system.

It is a nice post! Thanks for supporting other authors!

Thanks! !CTP !ALIVE

Thanks for the support!
I appreciate 🥰🤗

You are welcome! Keep creating awesome posts!

Sure! I will🤗

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